World Music Class

Hi Everyone,

 I’m so excited about the comments I’ve already gotten on my first blog post! Today I’d like to talk about my world music class. I’m taking this course called  World Music:  folk and  Popular. We’re going to be studdying all the different types of music throughout the world, such  as middle east, indian, African, native American, ETC. I think it’ll be very interesting to listen to  such a wide variety of music, especially since I haven’t been  exposed to very much music from different cultures. We had to read the first chapter of our text for today, and it was actually an interesting read. The chapter talked about the different things all music has in common, and ways to studdy music: what it sounds like, how the audience experiences it, (in a concert hall sitting quietly, jamming at a rock concert, at home  listening to a recording, ETC) and finally what ideas the culture has about the music and how the music is used within the culture. I learned some fascinating things:  that the most common instrument across cultures isn’t the drumm, but the rattle, and that all cultures have some form of vocal music.

  I like the professor. I didn’t realize until he started talking that I’d actually met him before, he’s the concert choir director. He’s a really nice, soft  spoken guy. He could do with a little  bit of that “commanding presence,” I was talking about yesterday. Our class is kind of roudy, with a lot of kind of obnoxious boys in it, and he really can’t get people’s attention. He’s like,”Ok, everyone, time to settle down,” but the way he says it is  kind  of in the same voice that he says everything else, so you don’t know if he means it or not.  And he really does need to get louder if he’s going to be heard above the construction work that was going on outside our window. 

As an aside, (another post for another day,) it is possible to help someone in a situation like that  (only if they wanted help, of course,) learn to speak louder and command attention with their voice, through the process of voice movement therapy, a real “favorite thing” of mine. You know, like the song? Anyway, I digress.

 So aside from the class possibly being a bit chaotic, I’m looking  forward  to what we’ll be learning, and to telling you all about the many different kinds of world music!


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