Computer Crash Shows Sam’s maturity

Hi Everyone,

First of all, I did some work on here yesterday. Made things a little bit neater and more organized with the help of my friend Lisa, who’s a professional  blogger! Let’s all say hi to lisa, ready? “Hi  Lisa!”

 Thank you. (smile)  Cool, all right moving on.

 Oh, I’m in kind of a silly mood today. Perhaps it’s my way of dealing with the stress  of today just not being my  day. I got up early enough today with every intention of “finishing” (actually really doing most of the writing on is more accurate,) a chapter summary for world music class. A really pointless assignment, if you ask me. We’re getting tested on the material anyway, can’t we  show that on a  testand  that’s it rather than just writing about the  chapter here  too? Anyway, so I went to turn on my computer and it wouldn’t log in. This error mesage  kept coming up and the screen was flashing and stuff. 

 So my  roomate, Ginny, tried to trouble shoot. When she ran out of answers we called the university  technology center. They’re pritty hopeless. I think the woman on the other end of the  line was just  googling stuff on the internet and  had no idea what to  even do. She told us what she  thought it might be, and said that the only way she found to fix the problem was to download something off the internet. She didn’t even offer to send a technician over to help. So I asked if Staples could maybe fix it and she said yes. There happens to be a  staples about ten minutes from the school.

 Ginny was kind enough to take the time out of her day to walk with me to  Staples. It was really nice spending time with her. Though we’re roomates we’re  often in and out of our dorm, and I felt this whole crazy adventure really gave us a chance to bond. It was even a little bit funny because it would have been a nice walk, but it was raining out. This made the uneven brick sidewalks even more slippery. And there were always puddles to go around.  We eventually made it to the store.

 I really do trust Staples. When I had a virus on my laptop a few years back they had it fixed in just a  few days and did such a  thorough professional job. The techs we spoke to were both very nice and had such knowledge of computers. They  took a look at the computer, said it wasn’t the problem that the woman on the phone thought but that it could be anything and  that they’d need to figure  out what it was. They’d also need to back up my data. I decided this was the best thing to do and that the cost, (over $200) was certainly worth it.

 I filled out a detailed form and then  payed and we were out of there, pritty quickly all things considered. They said it could take two to three days to figure out the problem and that they’d call with any news.

 We walked back home with a rather empty computer bag  and just hoping the problem  will be sorted out quickly.

 I had two classes shortly after getting home, (world music, and alternative and complementary  medicine,) so didn’t have much time to reflect on the situation, which was maybe a blessing.

 I spoke to the disability  coordinator at my school, who suggested it may  be time to  bug  my case worker at the comission of the blind for a new computer, since mine  is over  five years old. This is trickier than it sounds. Much as you’d want to you can’t just be like,”Hey I need this piece of  equipptment,” and then they give it to you. It took me a while, a lot of advocating both on my part and by my supporters, for me to get the laptop I have now and my  note taker, another computer type divice for the blind. On the other hand, though it’s kind ofan uphill battle, by law they just can’t deny people stuff. I will eventually get a new computer if it’s clear I need one, and this is reassuring.

 What’s even better, (and this brings me to my headline like title) is my own  adult handling of the situation. As I’ve thought about this in quiet moments after class, I have to say I’m very proud of myself. I’m someone who’s known  by those  close to me to get overwhelmed when suden crisis comes up or when situations don’t go my way. For example when my mom accedentally plugged my braille lite, (older version of the braille note,) into the wrong charger and sparks came out I literally cried. Kind of silly, but I’m a sensitive girl, and I just got overwhelmed by thinking that my braille lite was really  broken. As a side note, it did come back to life and last a few more weeks before it fell off a van seat and finally died.

 Anyway, the situation I described happened just a few  months back. Today, faced with a similar situation I handled things in a much more grown up way. I didn’t cry, not even to myself. I thought through what the best decision was and then took action. I payed for what needed to be done myself, which I’m very proud of. I didn’t call my parents and get them in a panic, (particularly my mom,) and don’t plan to unless it’s necessary that I’d need  their help. So maybe this happened to show me just how far I’ve come in my ability to handle  stress.

 And, so you know, thanks to the school  library  having screen reader software on their computers, I won’t be totally disconnected  from the internet world while my laptop is being fixed. For that I am very grateful.  Off to actually do  some homework now before the library closes.

 Still, I would apreciate good thoughts/positive healing energy sent to my computer, it really needs it!

 Good night all!


One thought on “Computer Crash Shows Sam’s maturity

  1. Hey Sam-

    Sorry that your computer is having issues. I will send some healing energy your way.
    But it’s great that you felt like handled the situation better and feel stronger. I can definitely see a lot of growth as well as more openness in you since we first met.
    Keep up the great work!


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