Why weird things happen to us

Hi Everyone,

 Still writing to you all from the school library’s computer. At least I know what the problem with my computer is now: the hard drive got mysteriously damaged.  Staples has to back up my files manually, and then I’ll be getting a new computer as soon as possible.

 But this whole thing makes me think about why these totally weird and unexpected seemingly random things happen. My  good friend  Wendy has this theory that everything happens for a reason to teach us lessons and stuff. Maybe she’s right. I’ve learned a lot about myself this week. I’ve been able to  navigate this totally stressful situation with the support of so many kind and helpful people, including people who were strangers until this week like the very kind library staff. I’ve been making difficult  decisions by myself which I think is very grown up of me. So I  guess in the end this  whole situation can be seen as a learning experience.

 Well I have to go very soon back to my house. The library is closing. Talk to you all tomorrow hopefully.



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