Singing and ME

Hi Everyone,

I haven’t written in forever! I’ve just been so busy with school and stuff. But I’m back.

For the past couple weekends I took a graduate course in Principles and Practices  of Expressive Arts Therapy. It was packed full of information and interesting things, which I’ll be sure to post about.

I’d like to post here one of my  artistic representations. Our assignment was to use one modality of the arts to describe our relationship to another, so for example, doing a song about writing, or an art piece about dance. Everyone’s was really amazing!

I did a poem about singing. Here it is:

Singing and Me



 Standing frozen  still by the piano,

 In the studio,

 And then onstage.

 Working each song to a complete  polish.

 Making sure each note is in tune,

 Every rhythm accurate.

 The  character’s story is maped out in my head,

 I put my face in the right expressions,

 My voice holds the right tone.

 I am miles away,

 From myself.

 Lost in an artificial world,

 Not having to touch any of my own feelings.

 Just concentrate,

 Concentrate  on hitting that high note,

 Coming in right on that  entrance.

 Practice, Practice, over and over again.

 Until the song is ready for performance.

 Then go over this planned performance many times so it’s ready for recital.

 This was how I sang for five years.



 Standing in the open space of the  studio,

 No piano in sight.

 Just my  voice alone resonating against the walls.

 Here, I sing songs and look for feelings, connect them to my life.  

 Here, too I make up my own songs.

 Here, I am told:

 “be you when you sing for me, don’t be a  character.”

 I am asked how I feel a million times,

 And sometimes lately I’m struck by the fact that often I don’t know.

 For so long I haven’t wanted to know.

 For so long I sang to  escape my feelings.


 I am starting to see that when I feel truly connected to a song,

 My singing is  better than  any rigid  training instructions from a voice teacher can make it.

 I’m learning that it’s nice not to have to worry about  phraising,

 The “right note,” or the right rhythm. Often if  something’s too low or high for me, it’s adjusted. I am starting to move while I sing, with surprising results. I am learning not to worry about how my body  moves, and to just let it happen. I feel much more happy about singing now. Though sometimes it is scary.

 I will not turn back to the voice studio with the piano any time soon. Ill stay  as long as I can in the clear open space and quiet, with guidance from someone who knows how to help me use my voice to  find out more about myself.


 I  figure that’ll spark your curiosity about both voice lessons and  Voice Movement Therapy, what I refer  to in the second part of my poem. I’ll be sure to write about both in great detail later.

 That’s all everyone. Talk to you later.


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