Merry Christmas!

Hi Everyone,

Merry Christmas! Or Happy Holidays if you don’t celibrate Christmas.

 Today  has been an amazing day for me. Wendy and her family and I got up and went to her church for the christmas day service. I’ve gone there twice since I’ve come here, and I really enjoy it. Her church believes in this thing called unity, which means that God isn’t someplace far away  from  everyone, bt there right  inside us. It’s all about how can we live our lives more positively so we can tap into this vast spiritual place. I haven’t explored  spirituality  very much, and was turned off by traditional catholic religions,  yet this at least makes a  little  sense to me. To me  bottom line, everyone I’ve met there is extremely warm and loving, open minded, and down to earth. They all jst want to  support one another and to me this is what matters, having safe places where I can give and receive support.

 Anyway, today’s service  was really neat. Wendy was in the choir for the second time, and she the choer did a really good job. The music director Zephryn  has an awesome voice, she really knows how to express herself and put feeling into the words. The minister Rene talked about how the gift of christmas is knowing we can overcome anything with  Jesus’s  help. She talked so passionately and really drew everyone into her talk. What she had to say filled me with hope and put me in a positive place, which was very helpful to me.

 Then we came home and had an awesome christmas dinner that Wendy cooked. We opened gifts next. Wendy loved the presents I got for her, and I really enjoyed getting the little stuffed mouse Tiney ,  that I saw at the store, and  especially the  textured wall hanging that  has been in Wendy’s family forever. I can’t wait to hang it on my wall in my new home one day!

 The best part of the  day was going out in the Arizona fresh air and  sunshine. I actually got a chance to put on caprees and a tshirt for the first time since I came here. It was awesome to sit in the sun and just enjoy the peace and quiet. It’s been the most wonderful christmas day ever! Like I said in my poem a few days ago, the best gift is being in a safe comfortable loving place with family you can depend on. After about a week of being here I feel like part of the family, and I’m extremely grateful!



The Most Precious Gift

The Most Precious Gift

 The most precious gift isn’t really a present under the  tree,

 Something you can play with in your hand,

 It’s a caring friend who’s love shines through to you every day so  clearly,

 Someone there to hold your hand.

 Someone, who when  the world is  breaking all around you,

 Simply says,”I understand.”

 Who’s love and kindness,

 Who’s soft calm voice and warm hugs,

  Remain steady day after day.

 Someone who is there for you,

 And you can support them too.

 That’s the most precious gift.

 If you’ve found this in your life,

 Never let it go!

 No matter what any one says or does,

 Guard this special friendship,

 And fight for the right to be safe and happy with people you love,

 Because that’s what really counts at Christmas.

 Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!


Lin’s Restaurant

Hi Everyone,

Continuing with my restaurant reviews, tonight I’ll present to you: Lin’s restaurant. When Wendy said we were going to a chinese   buffet   restaurant, I was kind of worried since I really don’t like  chinese food. But when we got there, it turned out  that Lin’s has a good variety of food. Everyone pays one price for the food that you can get as much of as you want, and then you pay extra for drinks. I got pink  lemonade and it  was very good.

 For dinner I got  chicken nugets, french fries, roasted potatoes,  green beans  and broccolie  a spring roll,   fried banana (which was really good and my first time having it!) and some other stuff. Most everything I had was very good. The barbicue ribs and chicken on a stick things were both kind of burrned or chewey, but everything else was wonderful!

 The  dessert  part  was most amazing because they had  so  many things I really couldn’t decide what I wanted for a long time.  I eventually chose an apple turnover with vanilla ice cream and a chocolate chip cookie. They have a lot of other stuff too that I’d like to try sometime, like peach cobbler, or pumpkin cake.  I hope we can go back there again sometime during my visit. I highly recommend the place.

The Sugar Bowl in Scotsdale Arizona

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to write and tell you about my experience out for dinner at the Sugar Bowl restaurant in Scotsdale Arizona a couple days ago.  Scotsdale is supposed to be like this famous place in the state where a lot of movies are made or something. We drove out there because Wendy had an arend to run, and then we went out to dinner at the Sugar Bowl.

 The Sugar Bowl is this cute little place best known for it’s ice cream. For dinner I had a cheseburger, which was really good because they didn’t burn it. For drinks I had water and milk, they  gave us the water without us even asking for it.

 The dessert  was the best part because I had a  banana split for the first time, with strawberry and vanilla ice cream and strabery sauce and pineapple sauce and  whipped cream. It was really really good! The waitress was also very nice and friendly.

 I would highly recommend this as a place to go out for dinner or even just  ice cream.


Hi from Arizona!

Hi Everyone,

I can’t believe I haven’t written here in over a month! It’s just been so busy with school finishing up for the semester, and getting ready for break that I just haven’t had time. But now I’m almost on vacation, just a couple more papers to send off hopefully soon, and then I’ll be free! Yay!

I’m  writing to you from Phoenix Arizona, a place I’ve never been before. I’m spending much of my break with my best friend, Wendy, who lives there. She has a really   cozy house and she  and her son have a dog named Toby, who’s fur  feels  like a  lion’s mane.  Toby and I hang out together while she works during the day. I came here Saturday night, after my first time flying alone which was exciting and great because everything worked out. I’m just enjoying being  in a different place from school, with really nice loving people and a lot of time to myself. I’ll get the chance to write about all the stuff I wish I had  had the time for while having to do schoolwork. Be on the look out for a lot of book reviews, music reviews, interesting thoughts and goings on of Sam! (smile) Bye for now.