Lin’s Restaurant

Hi Everyone,

Continuing with my restaurant reviews, tonight I’ll present to you: Lin’s restaurant. When Wendy said we were going to a chinese   buffet   restaurant, I was kind of worried since I really don’t like  chinese food. But when we got there, it turned out  that Lin’s has a good variety of food. Everyone pays one price for the food that you can get as much of as you want, and then you pay extra for drinks. I got pink  lemonade and it  was very good.

 For dinner I got  chicken nugets, french fries, roasted potatoes,  green beans  and broccolie  a spring roll,   fried banana (which was really good and my first time having it!) and some other stuff. Most everything I had was very good. The barbicue ribs and chicken on a stick things were both kind of burrned or chewey, but everything else was wonderful!

 The  dessert  part  was most amazing because they had  so  many things I really couldn’t decide what I wanted for a long time.  I eventually chose an apple turnover with vanilla ice cream and a chocolate chip cookie. They have a lot of other stuff too that I’d like to try sometime, like peach cobbler, or pumpkin cake.  I hope we can go back there again sometime during my visit. I highly recommend the place.


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