Sam’s new computer!

Hi everyone,

I have great news! I  bought a new computer last night, thank you my Gramma. That was her graduation present to me, and it’s the best. It’s this toshiba laptop that’s really light weight, with lots of hard drive space to put all my programs. It even has a webcam (well I guess they all do now) and if I can learn to use it I can webcam people or   whatever it’s called.

I’m beyond excited to have a brand new computer, and to get it without having to wait ten years for the comission for the blind to decide whether  or not I deserve one.

Anyway, I’m not using it yet because my mom has to install all my programs. But the other good thing too is that I get to keep this laptop that I’ve been using from my Dad’s work as a back up computer. I’ve never had a backup and I’m so happy about it.



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