New computer versus old computer

Hi Everyone,

So I have two laptops with me now, yay! Now I don’t have to worry about  ever being without a computer again, as  long as I take care of them both.

 Anyway, over the past couple weeks I got the new windows 7 computer up and running, well, sort of.

 I found that using JAWS (my screen reading software) on it is actually easier than I thought. Which is probably the best news out of all of this.

 Everything else is pritty annoying. I use Kirzwile scanning software, and an epsin scanner. We installed all of this, and then found out that there are compatibility issues with windows 7 for both. It costs $400 for a  Kirzwile  upgrade! I hate how  expensive this stuff is! (topic for a  later post, don’t get me started now!)

 Anyway, I figure I’ll wait  on fixing that until I get hooked up with blind services in Chicago, make them pay for it, which they will since I’m new and haven’t asked for anything  yet. So I got my scanning stuff up and running on the old computer, which it can handle now that I deleted all my junk from school and ten thousand e-mails!

 But it’s not just the software compatibility stuff that’s annoying. The new computer is just so touchy! It seems like every five minutes some security alert is coming up, or a new software update or something. And for some reason, even though my room here is close to the  wireless router, it has a terrible time staying connected to the internet. My IBM is pritty reliable about this. The internet access here isn’t the best, and on the IBM that I’m on now it does go in and out. But the windows 7 one is rediculous. I’ll just get online and start doing something and it’ll crash. There’s stuff I know how to do to get it back up again, usually re-starting the computer does it, but  sometimes that doesn’t even work. It only works when it wants to.

  Even my sister, who is better at computers than I am (she’s 16 after all!) was ready to hurt it very badly  after working with it for about a half an hour. She had wanted to set up skipe for me, and by the end of trying to work with it she said,”I’m ready to throw a whole bottle of water on this computer!” Not that this would have done much good, but still.

 So sad that I have this shiney new computer that has so many issues. It’s good for writing in my journal with, I know that works. Hopefully I’ll get used to it. When the blind services people come around I’m going to hide old reliable over here, and pretend  that the new one is the only one I have. Otherwise I know they won’t help me.

 It kind of reminds me of when I changed phones. I had my first  cell for like six or  seven years and took great care of it. But a couple years ago it really started having problems with the battery and stuff, so I got a new one. The voice recognition on the old one was awesome.  I could ask it the time and it would tell me right away, I could handle my contacts pritty well with it, and it accurately made calls for me.

 I’ve had this new one for about two years, and from the beginning the voice recognition has sucked! It doesn’t understand what I’m saying half the time and it’s so frustrating. You would think when you get something new it would work better than what you had before, not cause more problems.

 Anyway, hopefully I’ll get used to my new computer soon.

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