Trying to getNBC’s reality show “Starting Over” online

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a  long long time since I’ve been on here!  I don’t really know if people read this or not, so have been concintrating more on making videos.

However, I thought I’d put something on here about this project I’m doing to see if anyone has  thoughts or ways they could help.

The producers of the real world  did a show that ran from 2003 to 2006called “Starting Over” It featured six women living together in a house working on life goals with the help of   coaches Rhonda Britten, Iyanla Van Zant, and Stan Katz a psychologist. It showed the ups and downs of the women’s  progress in the house,  both on  their individual goals and also issues within the group. The issues dealt from ranged from working on finding better romantic relationships, to redefining  identity, to learning to  “grow up”, to addressing child abuse ETC. I believe that anyone who watched the show could  probably see themselves in the people on  there or in their issues. I only watched part of the third and last season, but I looked forward to it and really enjoyed it. It’s especially enjoyable for me as  someone who’s blind and apreciates shows with a lot of dialogue. As a side note, I was reading somewhere yesterday that there was a graduate on there who was legally blind, though I don’t know much about that but want to find out!

The show was canceled in 2006 for unknown reasons. Because it ran an hour everyday it wouldn’t be practical to put it on DVD. However, I don’t see any reason why it can’t be slowly over time uploaded to a site such as youtube or netflicks so that people could watch it. I feel it could continue to inspire people and give them tools and support/ hope as they see the women overcome challenges, as well as maybe even be a good audience to attract people to the life coaches/ therapists on the show if they’ve never seen their work.

I am having a major problem though finding anyone who has any recordings of the show. I wrote a graduate who told me they weren’t given copies. She would like to see the show as much as the fans would as no one she knows tapped it. I wrote a therapist who was  featured on the show and had a couple clips on her website. I thought she might have more of it. She said that the two five minute clips were all she was given after leaving. I honestly don’t know who else to write,  besides keep writing graduates to see if they know anything.

This wasn’t just a show that totally failed or something. It won several Emmy awards, and was loved by so so  many people! It was actually a helpful show that  did good things for people, rather than some of the stupid reality shows that are out there now that seem to be so easily available on DVD. Now that there seems to be this big mystery involved I’m more determined than ever to at least figure out what the big secret is around this show! The therapist  I wrote told me that one of the main  producers passed away a few years ago, which is very sad. But she couldn’t have been the only one  with access to any of this show. People will put up clips of it sometimes, particularly if someone like a therapist media consultant ETC was  featured there,  and under every clip there are so many comments wanting more. I just would really like to know where this show is hiding! And it would be awesome if we could get even some of it uploaded somewhere to watch.

If anyone knows anything about this or has ideas please comment. Thanks so much.