a question about psychiatric meds and female hormone levels guys can cover their ears now!

Hi everyone,

Warning: this is a female issue that most guys usually go to another room when women talk about it or just laugh. So all you men can just go watch sports together now LOL!

Now that it’s just us girls. I’m 26 I’ve had a pretty regular period since I got it at around 14. Due to stress weather ETC it’s been known to be too weeks late but nothing too extreme. Well I haven’t gotten it since the very end of February. No not worried at all about a little Sammy coming along, never had sex in my life I’m not ashamed to say don’t really care much about that. Anyway I have had some psych med changes since the end of February. Well actually I got a new psychiatrist mid February I believe. I got my lamyctol raised and was put on buspar twice a day. I’m also on efexor that’s been working fine for me and hasn’t been touched in awhile. Anyway I did gain several pounds in a month which is really unheard of for me. People were saying it could be the weight gain that threw stuff off though they don’t know quite how.

Anyway saw the medical doctor that comes here today. Hate we have to pick these stupid doctors just because they come to our facility. Had a great relationship with the awesome Trilogy medical clinic that I used pre Albany. But due to their stupid rules I could no longer see them. To add to the mess it’s all male doctors. All my life I’ve had wonderful female doctors. My families pediatrician is excellent and I was seeing her right up til I left MA at age 24. The nurse practitioner at the health clinic at trilogy was thorough and excellent.

Anyway so though I fought hard to leave my first medical doctor who came here due to him never actually coming in, and once seeing an NP of his who was totally clueless, I don’t exactly love this guy I have now. I first mentioned the female issue. Right away he jumped to pregnancy and mentioned it several times. Gave no other explanations or thoughts and just said we’d wait. Meanwhile I was not happy with that and continued to ask friends and bug people endlessly on the matter. My caseworker did work with the director of nursing to set up an OBGYN apt, thank goodness the male doctors don’t do that! I wouldn’t allow it, it’s bad enough it has to be done at all. Anyway to my surprise saw the Dr. today. Totally other subject on how you never know when your doctors are coming in until the night before or the morning of or in my case and sometimes the minute before!

Anyway saw him and he did believe it or not still talk about stupid pregnancy!! He also did mention, and this is the first time I ever heard this, that All psychiatric meds carry some risk of this hormone I think called traleptin, that’s a hormone that stops a woman’s period. Well if it gets high it just stops it for good, unless you stop taking the meds I guess. I was pretty shocked and suspicious still am which is why I’m reaching out to the big wide world of women on psych meds. I told him what I take, and he still insisted that all meds can cause this. If anything I’d think stuff that’s more harsh on different systems of the body like lithium and antipsychotics would do it. But you never know. The woman who schedules appointments for the doctors, don’t know her medical degree if any, did confirm that others at the facility do have this and don’t get periods due to their meds raising this hormone level. He asked if I had tender breasts and was I producing breast milk! I was about to punch this guy thinking he was on about pregnancy again. But I tuess that could happen if the hormone gets really high. Trust me if it happened my cat would hear me screaming from my house in MA and I’d be having an anxiety attack at the nearest ER.

They were all teasing me because I was kinda in tears due to the anxiety of being thrown into the Dr. appointment and just this whole thing. They were like do you want a baby? Or your period that bad? Well I don’t want it at all. I don’t need it. If I don’t get one from no one based on these meds and no harm is gonna come to me that’s great! I can do the no period dance and make other young women my age jealous! I’m just worried about if this will do any harm to my body somehow, or if it’ll come back randomly and be extremely heavy and painful. Not being a woman, or a women’s health doctor he said it was hard to say. He said some women just have spotting and then nothing. Which great if that’s all. My mom doesn’t know much about all that, women’s health. She just said that your period is the way your women’s reproductive system cleans itself out. And if that doesn’t happen it’s not natural and your body is thrown off. Some of that is probably not accurate because she was in school in the seventies but still. I just need reassurance (lots of it) as I’m a very anxious girl, that this is fine that it won’t lead to long term damage or problems. Then I’ll be good. These meds are working great so I soo don’t want to switch them.

So anyone, particularly anyone in their 20s taking the meds I’ve listed had this issue? Or even heard of it? Or anything? Checking online lead nowhere. Will ask my psychiatrist, a woman yay, and have a ton of questions for the OBGYN in june. So that’s my medical life. All things considered I’m very physically healthy which is why I get super anxious when there’s a hair out of place.


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