Christian based Residential treatment free of charge

Hi everyone,

I discovered something yesterday that sounds like it could be a helpful resource for some of us. For some people weekly therapy/ day treatment/ other supports isn’t enough and they feel they need a more focused yet short term residential treatment option to take the time out to address whatever issues are going on. Unfortunately for many residential treatment is so outside their price range it’s not even funny. I plan to do another post called something like “residential treatment how is it afforded.” Where I do research on the different treatment center sites insurance accepted ETC.

Anyway I had a friend who was looking into residential treatment but only has Medicaid. I told her good luck with that LOL! She said she wanted something with a Christian focus. I didn’t know of anything and even if I did I would still think the barrier would be cost. Well she ended up finding a couple resources I have never even heard about so I thought I’d share them.

At least two organizations that we’ve found offer Christian based residential treatment free of charge. One place says it charges room and board about four hundred dollars a month. The other place I don’t believe charges anything at least that I could see.

Both these places work with girls from teen years through twenty eight I believe. Who have many of the issues that people usually seek treatment for: depression, suicide attempts, self-injury, eating disorders, unplanned pregnancy ETC. I haven’t done much research myself into this particular type of treatment. Personality religion/ spirituality isn’t a part of what is helpful to me. So I honestly don’t know the ins and outs of what treatment offers. It’s focus obviously is Christian so it seems like a lot of Bible study/ lectures about religious principles that can be healing with whatever issues are going on. Plus b group and individual counseling around these same ideas. Girls live in a home rather than a treatment center which seems nice. And it seems like they would form a close and connected community. The program seems to really emphasize the person really wanting to heal from their issues and that they’ll get the physical, emotional, and spiritual support to do so. These programs are for at least six months so a lot of time is taken to address what’s going on.

From my general research these programs do sound very solid and like they could be helpful to a lot of young women out there who are seeking a Christian focus and healing principles for their treatment. I don’t have very many feelings one way or another on religion/ spirituality. But I think religious organizations can do great things as well as other ones can be very misguided and hurtful if they twist religion around and use it as a weapon. That’s just the general idea I’ve gotten from people I’ve talked with who have mental illness and are connected with whatever religion they practice and are a part of organized religion.

I have to say I absolutely applaud these organizations for being so commited to people getting the help they need that they would set things up so that the women can go free of charge without having to worry about finances.

Below are the links to both organizations for further information.

Mercy Ministries

Vision of Hope

2 thoughts on “Christian based Residential treatment free of charge

    • Yeah I know. I think it’s good too. Just that they’re doing something like this is such a good thing. I wish there were residential treatment that accepted medicaid. I know that’s probably not practical and I know why it wouldn’t work because medicaid pays really lousy and takes forever to pay people so yeah but at the same time it’s not fair that what looks like solid quality treatment is only available to people with a ton of money or very good insurance that I doubt covers the whole cost.

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