staff changeat residential facility really sucks

Hey everyone,

So have recently learned that a very good C.N.A is leaving. She’s a regular on my floor. CNAS help with day to day tasks of the running on the floor making sure residents physically are doing daily living stuff and getting meds in my case helping n me to meals (when Jess isn’t there) ETC.

From the beginning there have been CNAS who have totally dove in and wanted to go out of their way to help. Ones that have had to be pushed to help and mostly do ok. And ones that are really not that great with anyone.

The two that really are good I’ve known for two years. This one staff is leaving due to wanting to become a nurse and finish her schooling. I learned yesterday and she’s leaving Friday. Staff changes are so hard to process. Ideally I’d want to know like three weeks in advance but I know that’s not possible. I don’t think staff is used to residents caring so much and being so emotional about a staff leaving. For example the quality assurance coordinator who worked with me a little bit left. I think I knew like two days before and was shocked and upset. And I think there was a time some case manager left who I didn’t personally work with but with no notice and them just out the door I couldn’t take it.

Eventually Jonathan and other staff got the hint that if I know of this person even a little I should be told as far in advance as possible. We were lucky Jess had heard about all that yesterday at breakfast.

I was very anxious all day yesterday in spite of having a really good day in other ways. Jess’s friend came over and brought some of her stuff from home and that was really cool.

I was worried about this staff member leaving who’s so good at helping me with things and what will happen without her.

Then today I was talking to the woman who happens to be the quality assurance coordinator for nursing. A QA basically is pretty near the top of the department. I think it’s like under the assistant director or something. They mediate things around the department and if residents have issues they can go to them ETC.

I didn’t even know nursing had this. I knew the social work department did because I know everyone in that department and what they’re up to because it’s the department I work with the most.

Anyway I happened to mention this staff member leaving. I asked if she’d be replaced. They hardly ever seem to be hiring new CNAS. The last one I think was last year sometime. When someone leaves, and honestly we haven’t had a CAN leave in awhile, they just move someone to a new floor or something. So I figured that is what she’d say. Instead she’s like no we’re downsizing. There are six other CNAS leaving and we’re not replacing them. How it works is on the weekdays there are three CNAS per floor. So that the floor is basically all bases covered. If one needs to be downstairs say monitoring the dining room one can be up watching the smoking room and the last one can be running around doing other things. Assuming you don’t have two that like to socialize and watch tv instead of really working. Not that there’s always an emergency or something. But you know there’s always always work to do. Our favorite CNAS never sit still. Others do what they’re told and seem to not be able to find other things to do so yeah.

Anyway that’s the plan anyway with the three person model. On the weekends due to I guess people not wanting to work weekends there are only two CNAS. Which makes things pretty chaotic on the weekends. The PRCS are the established mental health workers but the CNAS can do a lot generally to meep the floor calm or avert a crisis if they have good relationships with people. If there’s only two they’re stretched for time and if you have a partnership of two less eager to work ones or one who wants to get everything done and another who doesn’t it’s very hard.

All that to explain that this woman told me that they’re not replacing these guys and they’re going to have two CNAS on the floor all the time. Which is gonna be really extremely really hard on everyone!

And then I asked about the six that are leaving. She mentioned another really good one. Two actually. Then another two okish ones. The two really bad ones that we wish would leave of course will be here. And with less staff I’m sure we’ll unfortunately be seeing more of them.

This is way more of a loss than just that one CAN. Which I could probably get through and integrate fairly quickly. But five others? I mean like I said I and everyone else staff/ and residents depend on these people to run this place well. Everyone depends on everyone else staff wise to make it work. If there’s short staff in one department it’s gonna effect everything. My caseworker wasn’t sure if it was downsizing or just coincidence. Like she said this time of year is when people tend to move on. Last year around this time we had like three or four case workers leave one after the other for very different reasons. She thinks that’s what’s going on. She’s not sure. She had no idea about it neither did the assistant clinical director. I found out that this is due to one department not going what’s going on in another department which is pretty disorganized.

The staff leaving thing, if there washope of them being replaced I could sort of deal with. I’d know new staff would come in and it would be hard but stuff would balance out again. But this downsizing business, not replacing anhyone and trying to work with what they have left, some of which isn’t the best really scares me. I guess that’s where the budget cuts went. To activities (which I don’t care so much about) and nursing. I just hope they don’t cut nurses. As it is our permanent nurse for the evenings left a month ago and they’ve yet to replace him. Nurses from other floors are working doubles.

It just brings up hard questions like what’s gonna happen? Will this place stay open? How will I and other residents who regularly get help from the CNAS get our needs met?

I talked to my caseworker Edith. I was upset and talked. I mean there’s really nothing anyone can do. She said I was doing really well even though I didn’t feel it. But it was good to have her listen and I’ll have a ton to discuss with Jonathan Friday. She’s right though I haven’t physically lashed out (though I thought of it (and did umm maybe a little accidentally/ on purpose give someone just a little tap with my cane that might not have been necessary LOL) I also usually want to SI but didn’t. I haven’t had a huge meltdown though I can feel it building. I did take an Ativan earlier which was good. I had a rough start to the day anyway when there was screw ups with my transportation and so I couldn’t get to new foundation today.

I actually wanted to get out today. To get my mind off all of this. But I’ll go tomorrow. Will be glad to get out.

There’s nothing anyone can say or do to get this better. It’s a huge huge loss for the whole community. Even those residents who say they hate everyone and don’t care about anything. It’s gonna change things for everyone. It’s overwhelming and something I, and I don’t think anyone saw coming at all. That’s really hard on me really.


6 thoughts on “staff changeat residential facility really sucks

  1. Hang in there. You can do this! I wish you the best on your journey. I know it’s not always easy, trust me I know and I’m not having such a good day today, myself. Tomorrow is a new day and we’ll just have to see how I feel tomorrow. Will I get out of bed? I didn’t today, but tomorrow is a new day! I try to only focus on today and whatever tomorrow, should I have a tomorrow, brings I’ll deal with it then! Take care. xxx

    • Hello. I love your words. They’re so important and I know you’re going through similar things. Being in this together is all we can do. I apreciate you writing so much.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. You got it, in this together!! That’s the only way to go. Sorry, you even have to go through this, but nothing we can do, but keep trudging along, together. You’re important and matter. you are not alone, so let’s go it together. Hope you’re having a “good” day, today. Hang in there. xxx 🙂

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