update on staff leaving albany care

Hi again,

One last update I forgot!

So where I left off on the staff issue six CNAS were leaving and as far as I knew none were being replaced. Will make that seven. Just found out last night that Yolanda is leaving. She’s an evening shift CAN mostly works on our floor. She’s extremely good. Knows how to keep people in line and prevent chaos on the floor and in the dining room. She knows how to get most people even many antimed people to take their meds. Most importantly she’s extremely caring and will go out of her way for probably anyone. She says she loves her residents which is so touching!

She’s worked here about three years. I guess it’s a long drive from her home to here and she’s done with that. Plus I think she got a new job. Again I’m pretty crushed by this loss of a caring helpful CAN. They’re rare especially ones that have taken to me no questions asked around my needs as a blind person and just in general. Yes Jess helps me while she’s here and stable. But technically the staff is supposed to assist with whatever I need. If Jess leaves, becomes unstable or is hospitalized they need to help. There are many CNAS and many who are unhelpful generally or hard to get along with/ motivate to help beyond the minimum. They’re often forgetful around helping. So I have my top three CNAS. Yolanda is one as was Charity. Ms. Billy the most amazing one is my first choice. She’s dedicated her whole life it seems to this work working in many different mental illness facilities. She is however in her seventies and as far as I can imagine due to health reasons or just genuinely needing to retire she could leave at any time. At best she doesn’t have a lot longer with us.

Secondly another case worker is leaving. She’s the one hand picked to be fluent in ASL due to three deaf residents here. She’s been here I think a few months maybe a bit more. She’s moving back to the state she’s originally from for a new job. I didn’t personally like her but am a strong advocate for the deaf residents having as many people who know how to sign as possible! Though currently one would rather write to those who can’t sign because she’s mad at the signing case worker. So maybe she’ll be glad when this woman leaves. I just hope they get someone else who can sign. The clinical director, who knows ASL, I’m sure will advocate for this.

Still in the big skeme of things that’s one less case manager. They just last week replaced another case manager who left about a month/ three weeks ago. This staff turn over is driving me to more anxiety/ frustration by the minute!

Oh and you know the evening nurse that left a month ago? Not sure if I wrote about this at the time. This nurse had been here for years and brought stability to the floor. He had to leave last month due to having to be closer to family. They still haven’t found a permanent replacement. So we get a different nurse every evening shift. The good thing in this is that at least it’s not agency nurses who know nothing about our facility. It’s been other floor nurses working doubles or some as needed nurses that have had a little training here. But still. Again an area of uncertainty here. Maybe all facilities are going through these cuts. But I believe Friedman Place hasn’t had such problems which again makes me want to go there. Will keep people up to date on all these changes.


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