May be tourring Edens supportive living

Hi everyone,

As staff continue to leave Albany (found out about another possibly two staff leaving last night) I continue to look for alternative living arrangements that will still offer the support I need.

There are other supportive living facilities in Chicago besides Friedman Place. Many are for seniors. This one place Edens is for people with all disabilitys under sixty five. I heard of it while at Friedman. Robert and I were looking to tour it just to see how different it was from there just for the experience of seeing different facilities.

We heard mixed things about it. Some people said staff weren’t very friendly and there weren’t very good services. Other people worried that almost all disabilities there are physical in nature so that there would be a toon of wheelchairs and walkers which would be impossible to navigate around for a blind person.

At this point it’s there and I’m just looking into everything I can.

I wrote to them yesterday explaining my situation. The marketing director Julie wrote back right away. We talked for a few minutes on the phone and she seemed extremely nice. She said they do have some blind people there and some dealing with depression and anxiety. One thing that did worry me is she said the psychiatrist that comes in only takes medicare. This surprised me only because the under sixty five population I don’t believe can really get medicare unless on SSDI or some other situation. Anyway she said others have been sent to a psychiatrist through c4 and thresholds. Which unfortunately doesn’t seem very promising as all mental health centers in the area are extremely full if not with their intake closed to new clients. So yeah. It’ll be out of the question if I can’t get set up with a psychiatrist right away as my meds are critical for managing my mental illness.

So that may be the thing that keeps me here, that outside mental health services are so inaccessible right now due to budget cuts and at least here we have psychiatrists that come in to see us, case management ETC. I just hope they don’t start cutting case managers. One is leaving and I’m hoping they’ll find a new one as soon as possible. They just replaced one who left last month a week or so ago. It’s really horrible all these staff changes. I don’t know how anyone can feel secure in such an environment. I guess many of the residents are too caught up in their own issues to really care what’s going on around them. And maybe to them one staff member is the same as another. To me it isn’t at all. And to have almost all the people who were here and have helped me for the year and a half I’ve been here leave puts me in such a hard place.

I am excited by the thought of going to tour Edens as soon as I have the $6 for paratransit. Jess and I will go visit and get a good impression of the place. It looks good from the website. I’ll put the site link below. Please if anyone lives there now or has in the past I’d love oppinions positive or negative about how you felt about it. This would really help me. Particularly anyone who’s lived there and has had mental illness or has been blind as I realize I’ll be in the minority.


Please let me know your thoughts.


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