national PTSD day

Hi everyone,

I saw on my trauma/ Dissociation groups that today is PTSD day! I’m really happy that they have specific awareness days for different diseases/ disorders ETC. Because many people may never have heard of such issues. Or if they have they have a lot of misconceptions. It also brings those affected much closer together in knowing we’re not alone.

Instead of writing my whole story of how I developed PTSD at this point, I’m going to post a video I did. A group of like minded youtubers did a PTSD tag where the same questions were responded to. This gives an awesome overview of PTSD symptoms triggers and how I deal with them. Also will post a link to signs of emotional abuse. As this was the type of abuse in my family. I feel many professionals, the general public, and maybe even some other abuse survivors discount the power of emotional abuse if it’s the only abuse a person has suffered. I at times struggle with it too as I talk with others who have been through horrific abuse of all kinds. However even they say abuse is abuse and support me as much as I support them.

Here’s the video.

And the signs of emotional abuse link.

I hope you all find this helpful and I’ll continue to post about my own experiences with PTSD in the future.


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