Nervous/ excited am visiting my first alternative living arrangement tomorrow

Hi everyone,

So I’m officially visiting another facility tomorrow to take a tour and talk with them. It’s called Margaret Manor and is near the lake in Chicago. It’s the north location, they also have Margaret Manor central which I guess is more in the central part of the city I don’t know.

It has 99beds. I talked to the interium clinical director, the actual clinical director is on leave til September. His name is John he’s very nice. I had spoken to him a couple weeks ago and then again today. He did let me know that their women’s spots are all full and that we’d be on a waiting list Jess and I. I said that was ok we were just looking.

So tomorrow at one we have our tour. From one to two. But of course paratransit being stupid I said two I want to get picked up they said three! So I hope the lobby is a friendly place. Or there’s somewhere we can walk to and it’s an ok neighborhood.

The thing I’m most anxious about is that I honestly wasn’t up front about my blindness. I chose not to tell them because I so easily was rejected upon them knowing it. Almost didn’t get into any facility when in the hospital and desperately needing this kind of treatment. I don’t want to take any chances. I just worry about their initial reaction and thoughts. Even staff here at Albany do say that if I did choose to move I’d have a much better time getting into another facility because staff have worked well with me know how the blindness affects what they’re doing and how it doesn’t and stuff like that. Still I have had so many run ins with these professionals supposedly all understanding of different identity issues who have no idea about blindness at all and assume things mostly that it’s beyond what they can handle in their facility whether it’s day treatment therapy ETC. Of course saying this without asking what your needs are. Which is why I gave myself this break to actually get in the door and be able to state my needs.

Just trying to keep in mind that this is a very initial look around and we’re not making any decisions by any means right now. I think it might calm down my urge to know what other places are like.
Edith thinks I should go visit places to give me the perspective that here is better than other places!

So only time will tell. For sure taking an Ativan tomorrow morning. Hopefully will have a relaxed morning and then see how things go.


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