saw the medical Dr. today

Hi everyone,

Well at least there’s good news on the medical front. I saw my medical Dr. today. It’s nice to get that out of the way on a day when I’m home. Well I’m home all the time. But it is so annoying when these doctors don’t give any notice for when they’re coming in and if you have day program/ school/ work (yes some residents do go to school and work) you have to totally clear your schedule.

Anyway I found out that prolactin, that hormone that stops your period is like 48 and is supposed to be 23. So we found the culprit, due to my psych meds I’m guessing a combination of the buspar and lamyctol. Well that’s one side-effect I’m extremely happy about! Assuming no long term damage will result from this. Will be seeing the OBGYN at the beginning of august. Extremely not thrilled about that very anxious. Have only had the pap smear done twice in my life due to not being sexually active. The first time my mom was there and I screamed and cried. The second time my pediatrician who I trust with my life did it while my mom was out of the room and was very gentle. It will be hard with a brand new doctor. But Edith promises she’ll call her a couple days before I go to let her know about my needs. As in I’m blind and extremely anxious please go slowly say everything you’re gonna do before you do it ETC.

So yeah that’s about all. What with all the ups and downs emotionally lately it’s good to have a solid physical.


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