my day today a few phone calls nothing much

Hi everyone,

So I had a pretty relaxing Monday. Didn’t sleep as well as I wanted last night I think it was all that good food! And just being hyped up.

So today I took my morning nap right away. In the afternoon started making phone calls. I called Margaret Manor central. As first impressions of just trying to make a call it doesn’t look as organized as the north branch at all. The voicemail boxes don’t even havenames for any of the voicemail boxes. Just says your party can not be reached. So I had no idea where I was transferred to the first time. So I called back. I had asked to talk to someone in social services or admissions. She eventually said I could leave a message with the addminastrator. I was confused and wondering why there weren’t a lot of people that I could have gotten transferred to. The admin wasn’t in either, the same no name mailbox. So I left a message saying what I wanted to know and left my number.

So I’ll keep trying. Am keeping an open mind and just hoping this was a case of a Monday and everyone being very busy.

I called the Waterford where someone Jess knew from her IOP lives. But I guess they no longer serve people with mental illness. So that’s it for that.So I was happy to do that stuff.

I also finally called Red door. Where I went back in 2013 I’m not sure for how long. Just that the terrible social worker at St. Mary’s hospital recommended pet therapy. My caseworker at trilogy actually had to do quite a bit of calling to find a place that was welcoming to a blind person wanting to volunteer to hang out with the cats. Which really bothers me and is just more uneccessary rejection. My case worker couldn’t believe it either. So anyway we finally found Reddoor. It’s so cute! It’s a no kill shelter for all kinds of cats and bunnies. The woman who we worked with was Sue ellen. She was extremely nice. Once I stopped going to trilogy I wasn’t going anymore. And kept forgetting to call them and talk about me coming again. Hoping this will work and Jess and I can have cat time once a month. A lot of the cats need the socializing for being adopted. Sue Ellen showed us some more long term cats that are there for as long as needed and we liked hanging out with them. So I’m happy to get that going as soon as possible.

I saw Edith. We talked about the Melissa thing. She was frustrated but knows it’s my life and my decision. I think she’s figured out by now that though she’s my caseworker I’m extremely stubborn and won’t be moved by anyone unless I want to. I did eventually read the e-mail Melissa had sent back on Sunday. I had gotten it just never actually read it. She said she does do long term work with clients especially those with chronic mental illness. And that she could tell how anxious I was. And that no matter how many meds I’m on if I’m not dealing with the roots of my issues all the feelings are still inside me. Which does make sense. Like how with my self injury I’m right on track with my harm reduction plan haven’t scratched in forever. But still feel like toing it all the time and if it weren’t for the external consequences I would. Jonathan and I when we worked together had been working on the deeper roots of my issues and it was extremely good therapy. Untel he basically screwed up everything by not having firm boundaries.

I appreciated what she had to say. And it gave me something to think about.

So yeah. Anyway kinda tired tonight. It’s after nine and I’m heading to bed. Will write more tomorrow.


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