annonymous survey on prefered method of online mental health support

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re all having a good Sunday.

So going off my latest topic on the different venues of online peer support I decided to launch my own unofficial informal for the heck of it investigation into the issue. I created a survey! Well I wrote out what I wanted and my amazing super tech best friend Robert Kingett put it online yay Robert! I seriously couldn’t survive without you emotionally or computer related!

So below is the link. It’s totally anonymous , it doesn’t even ask for an e-mail just collecting data. Will do a follow up post with results at some point. Feel free to comment. About the survey please be gentle about the fact that this is my first ever survey! Well that’s not really true. I did one in research methods and stats both classes were horribly boring and I don’t even remember/ want to remember in the case of stats whatever we did. I took my ideas off surveys I’ve done in the past and made it as simple as possible. So please feel free to respond and also comment here if you wish.



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