Pet saga no not the game LOL

Hi everyone,

So a story from last week…

My family back in MA have three pets. Two cats, one Lucky and one Simon both all white. A yellow lab named Toby. I haven’t seen my pets since 2012 when I went to Friedman Place and moved from MA. Since then due to emotional circumstances I haven’t been able to visit. I’m hoping now that I have good support from staff here and my awesome friend/ adoptive sister Jess, we can make a visit happen in the next few months and it’ll be good.

Anyway. So Simon is like 14 or so years old. We got him for my sister when she was five. She was desperate for an all white cat. Apparently those are very rare. Had to find a shelter in Lulinberg called Pat Broady shelter to find Simon. He was a rescue abandoned in a laundry room. I remember we got him at six months old. He’s always been the dominant it’s all about me cat. Something interesting though is whenever he would hear us crying mostly from my mom yelling or an argument between my parents he’d come right in there stand there like ok what’s going on! My mom would call him Simon the judge.

He’s had some health problems. He had a UTI from dry food. I guess didn’t agree with his system so then the cats just didn’t get dry food. Oh forgot to say before we had Simon we also had Smokey. Smokey was supposedly my cat. We got him in 1994 when we moved from my mom’s apartment to our house. We went to Buddy Dog which isn’t the best shelter. Smokey hid behind his dish and was incredibly skittish. Sadly he wasn’t the cat I had hoped for a cuddly thing I could carry around. But he did love my mom and if anyone could pet him it was her or me. When he got wicked old like in the last couple years of life he would come up to people and eat out of their hand he liked steak and let people pet him. He died in 2008

Anyway back to Simon. I’m not sure when he started peeing everywhere. But yeah once he started there wasn’t much to do to stop it. We had litter boxes upstairs and everything. The vets just said it’s a psychological issue. Not having enough money to afford someone like that Jackson guy on animal planet to come in and do therapy, we’ve had to deal with him peeing everywhere, on the table on my sister’s school books in shoes ETC. I will say he never peed on any of my stuff to which I’m very grateful!

His biggest issue for some reason has been constipation. I think it was in 2007 we thought we lost him because of it. This one vet was so dumb charged my parents who knows how many thousands of dollars to do a colonostopy my mom still has the CD of it LOL! Yet they failed to actually give him relief by cleaning out his insides from all the constipation while they were in there. So he had to go to a different vet for that. Since our cats are indoor and extremely well taken care of, and vet bills even for check ups are off the wall my parents don’t take the cats to the vets much at all.

So for future reference my mom did get this oil type stuff to put in his food or squirt down his throat. She keeps an eye on that aspect of things and it’s been ok. About a week ago he was having big problems with it as in not going for days and days. Rather than going to the vets at first she googled constipation in cats and found out that laxatives for babies are good as well as believe it or not pumpkin! So my mom nicknamed him pumpkin. You put it in their food and it’s supposed to help.

So anyway none of that was working. And he’s so old my mom didn’t want him to go through any pain or anything from the vets. So she was about to take him but then he did go to the bathroom. And when she did take him to the vets the vet said his heart liver ETC are all good and he probably has a few more years! My dad is kinda frustrated with that because Simon is not his favorite cat for obvious reasons.

At the exact same time our lab Toby was having major problems. He’s a yellow lab we got in 2005. We got him from a really good breeder. Soon after we got him he started having ear infections and itching like crazy. When we took him to our local not very smart vet they said he would go deaf from the severe infections. So we talked to the breeder who gave us the name of a vet in medfield like forty five minutes away. But this is an extremely good vet who specializes in dogs.

So obviously we found out he’s certainly not gonna go deaf. It’s just that he has a ton of allergies. Upon testing we found out among a whole list of other things he’s allergic to grass, I’m not kidding, and cats! And yes we still have our two kitties. He really can’t have people food because that aggravates his ears. They have to clean his ears which he hates! Then he chews his paws. We took him to the vet for that. They said he’s bored. Between the cat who pees for no physical reason, and the dog that chews his paws cause he’s bored we really need the animal psychologist! Anyway so recently they got this new med for his paws. And my mom thinks that’s what caused this problem. The vet thinks it was a stomach infection. Anyway last weekend he all of a sudden just started collapsing. On Monday morning he could only move his eyes it was so sad. Everyone thought he’d have to be put to sleep. My dad took a video to show the vets. The vet said he thought it was a stomach infection. So he was put on a bland diet and given antibiotics. So he’s doing better.

I’m so glad I finally found out about all this on the day they both had basically gone on the mend because if I had found out in the middle of it I would have been just completely devastated that this was going on and I couldn’t see them. My sister joked that all we have to do is threaten to put them to sleep and they’ll get better! So that’s our pet illness story. I really hope soon I can see them makes me want to do the visit as soon as we can. I’ll make videos of them and post here.


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