the last couple days update

Hey everyone,

So now to give my usual update of the last couple days. Sunday I was really tired and off. Took two naps which isnot something Jess usually lets me do because I don’t need to get into the pattern of sleeping all day like I used to. But if I’m really anxious/ out of it she does. Anyway. And then Sunday night was the drum solo at eleven thirty!

Yesterday I also felt very low energy and swore I felt like I was getting my period though part of me thought no way could that be true. The blood test for the prolactin hormone, elevated we think by the buspar, came back with a high reading. Normal is twenty. Mine was forty eight. I was content with the fact that the med had stopped my period, who needs a period especially when you’re not ever planning on having kids. And especially after I heard it’s common around here with residents and psych meds. So I was really loving the past six months.

Well I lost a couple pounds. And I guess my body adjusted to the weight gain over the past six months as well as the med because today I actually have my period back. Am not happy! Figures my gyno to talk about my period being away is next week. Oh well I can tell her it’s back. So yeah not thrilled.

However I was a whole lot more energized. Did not take a morning nap. Did call reddoor animal shelter. Back in 2014 Arica from trilogy who was my caseworker, had set up on the recommendation of the social worker at the psych unit I went to, an hour a month for me to go hang out with the cats at this shelter. Believe it or not so many shelters when she called wouldn’t let me because I’m blind. The answer so much of the world gives before even meeting me but that’s another post.

I loved it. Just being in the presence of a cat, never mind like ten or more was amazing. It was so comforting and just yayness! Unfortunately at some point airica left I didn’t follow up with the new caseworker, trilogy couldn’t keep serving me because I live here and now trilogy is too full for new clients. So yeah. Anyway I decided to just call them back and have Jess and I go. I had called with no answer the past week or so. I was getting worried that sue ellen, the really nice woman who was there when I had last gone wasn’t working there anymore. And since she’d been the one to work with us that without her no one would let us do this kinda special individual time. But I called today and got Mike. Who said she’d be in in the afternoon. Having taken my nap this afternoon I had my phone shut off but just knowing she’s there is comforting. And Jess and I can set up a monthly visit.

So I’m excited about that.

Less excited about a problem that’s coming up in my facility search. Since the internet, obviously is vital to my and Jess’s mental health recovery, the first question I ask a place when I call

And get the front desk is do they have wifi for the residents. Surprisingly I have a count of four places that have saide no. Which automatically knocks them off our list of possibilities, including the central branch of Margaret Manor. We were gonna go there and compare the two but not now. I just don’t understand it when it’s such a part of daily life for so many people. Well anyway. I guess I’ll keep looking. Thursday we’re going to Belmont crossing. And Columbus Manor did say they have internet so that can be our next stop assuming it’s in a safe area. Due to the traumatic gyno appointment we were thinking of maybe setting up the kitty visit for next week as a treat. I can think about cats during that whole ordeal and maybe I won’t cry as loud. (sad face)

So yeah that brings everyone up to date. Oh talked to my mom yesterday. I feel so bad for her. She’s a person who just can physically not handle meds. And she has fibromaljia and so many of those meds I guess have really hard side-effects or can. She says she’ll never be a drug user LOL! Anyway they put her on tramadol which I’ve heard others here take for pain. It made her so sick once it went into her system I felt so bad. She had throwing up and everything. Then they wanted her to take symbolta which she’s already tried. I just wish there were some meds she could take because the fibro kills her sometimes.

I’m just glad no one has said she really needs to take meds for her mental illness though, she does have one, a mental illness in my opinion. When I first went to college and she had this huge breakdown that’s when they tried symbolta and Ativan and stuff but she would just throw the pills out and it didn’t work. I’m surprised she was able to handle painkillers after her surgery. Anyway we’re all glad that’s over with. And the pets are still doing well.

So yeah you’re up to speed in Sam’s life.


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