mental health facilitys that don’t have wifi drive me crazy!

So in my search for other residential options I’m finding a problem that’s knocking a lot of places off my list. I could not live without internet. Well I could but I’d be super depressed. And not just like oh I’m depressed can’t go on facebook booo! But seriously depressed, with my self injury probably coming back more anxiety etc. Being online is one of my huge coping skills. I talk to so many people on here, first of all all my friends on my e-mail list we communicate through e-mail and skype and sometimes call. There’s one woman who currently is without internet at all and doesn’t know when she’ll get it back due to personal circumstances that leave her very isolated and without a lot of help with much day by day. So anyway if I’m having a hard time sometimes just going on a forum and seeing someone else’s problems and responding even if I don’t know them helps. Or checking out a new blog or reading on a facebook group even though I hardly post things like that.

Granted I also read on my braillenote and ipod but even then you have to download the stuff online. I should probably find some other stuff to do, but going out for groups and things costs money for paratransit which I have to coordinate very carefully and then if there’s a cost to go somewhere even a little that has to be figured out as well. I long for the days when I had my SSI check all to myself at college. I spent soo much of it carelessly on a really unethical therapist/ apprenticeship thingy yeah long story. Anyway now I’d use it to well first of all save a ton of it, and also for trips like to different support groups the interplay meetup I never got to go to ETC.

So anyway back to the internet. So I’d never live somewhere especially a residential place that didn’t have wifi. So when I call places the first question I ask to the front desk person is whether they have wifi for the residents. And so far there have been like six places in a row that have said no! Which is very frustrating.

I get a huge reason is that these buildings many of them are very old. Still our building is old and Jonathan is commited to having internet because he’s all super tech like that, and so he made it happen.

Secondly I do realize in the big skeme of trying to get chronically mentally ill people into some kind of stability and maintain it the internet isn’t a huge priority. Many of the residents wouldn’t know how to use a cell phone never mind a computer, never mind nagivating online. They’re just too concerned about cigarettes, coffie, pop and the money to get it. That’s their lives sadly. Fortunately at least here at Albany there are some more tech savvy residents that are younger and to where the internet is very important to them. Which is another reason that motivates Jonathan to keep it running smoothly. So I do understand.

At the same time it’s like really? So many places have it. Stores restaurants and everything. As aresidential place you would think it’s something people would realize that residents might really want to use. So yeah just is frustrating. Especially as it’s a huge we’re going no further with this place deal breaker for us.

So yeah. Just glad that in the whole complicated dramatic process of me being transferred from the hospital to a place I wasn’t dropped somewhere without internet! I really would have gone over the edge I was just pulled from LOL! Actually there was this one other place Clayton house that said they’d take me. In addition to having extremely narrow hallways and no bathrooms in the rooms they didn’t have internet! So I said no.

We have two places, Belmont crossing and Columbus manor that do have wifi for us to visit next.

So we’ll just keep searching. Just a problem I really didn’t think would be a big obstacle but you never know. I also didn’t think that in a place with two resident floors that have perfectly good nurse’s stations everyone would have to take their meds on the first floor. So you never know.

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