the survey so far

Hey everyone,

So it’s been less than a week that my survey on preferred methods of online peer support for mental illness has been out there and already I’ve gotten five responses which I’m happy about.

I’ve been getting some great comments and people preferring different forms of support for reasons I hadn’t considered which is great! I want as many perspectives as possible.

I do want to say I got a couple of empty surveys back. I can’t follow up with the people who did this as it’s all anonymous but please be sure to fill out the survey before submitting and if anyone has issues just comment or e-mail me.

I look forward to continuing to get more responses and if this really takes off, the survey thing we can think about creating surveys on other subjects. Like different types of therapy people like/ dislike, experiences having a disability along with mental illness. Or fun things like favorite books/ tv shows and why ETC. Would love suggestions. It will also keep Robbie busy since he’ll be the one creating the actual form LOL!

What’s your preferred method of online peer support? Take this quick and anynomous survey!


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