working hard and finding resources

Today was quite productive.

The morning was slow. For some random reason the internet was working on Jess’s computer but not mine. I was gonna skype with Robert but called instead. We talked for only a little while because he had to get ready for his trip out to FL for a family emergency.

I then took my morning nap. After lunch I went to main foods. Got an ice cream bar yummylicious! And some snacks. I go through snacks very quickly but have been trying to savor them lately.

Anyway my afternoon online was very productive. Robert wanted some mental health resources so I quickly made a file for him and looked up all websites and information for him. That took an hour or so. Then I had written Jeff B, who runs a meetup group called interplay. It’s like a creative arts type class like improvisation. I’m thinking of going with Jess as a fun activity. He said I could pay what I could which will be like $5 or so. Anyway the next meeting was tomorrow night. Normally I would have gone but Wednesday morning is the dreaded gyno appointment and so that’s kinda what the focus of our week is just getting through all that.

So yeah but I’m really happy I made contact with him. The meetings will be twice a month. We’ll go to one or both in September and see what we think.

I was also looking online for different support groups. The DBSA group I used to go to when I first came here in 2012 has moved from the lakeview psychotherapy center and is now at a church. I can’t contact the person who was running it at the time but I’ll keep trying. It won’t be the same. I thought it was a good location minus the flight of stairs leading into the basement part of the building. Also I liked that there was always an intern to help lead the group. Now there won’t be.

I was happy when I found some DBT groups. As it’s something I started to do at my PSR programs DBT and liked it. It would be a good way to connect with others dealing with intense emotions around self harm, anxiety, depression, PTSD ETC for support. But the groups are like $60 a session! I hate how therapy costs so much money. There are such limited resources for people who only have Medicaid and very low income. It seems like all the good therapy/ support options are for private pay. That’s why I’m grateful in a way that long term residential places exist here in IL. As I’ve said before there don’t seem to be any other similar options in other states that are covered by insurance never mind that take Medicaid. I think it’s a good thing too that there are a variety of places that’s why I’m so interested in visiting as many of them as possible. Even if we don’t move.

Anyway really that was about all. But it felt like a lot of good got done.

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