tamora Peerce’s books and real magic

Hi everyone,

So recently I’ve taken a detour from mental illness related fiction/ memoirs. I’ve read two of the circle of Magic books by Tamora Peerce. I read the first one months and months ago. I think it was when a caseworker here asked me to read something besides stuff about mental illness, claiming the stories themselves were making my illness worse which was not true at all.

Anyway I found the first book very good. But then forgot about it for awhile. I just finished reading the second book.

Here is a summary of the general idea of these books.


So basically it’s about four children who have recently been thrown from their lives by traumatic events. Disease, shipwrecks, being cast out of their families, being a theif on the street.

They find their way to Winding Circle which is a school for mages. Niko spots each in turn and sees potential in them that no one else does. They first were placed in the general school dorms but each was not fitting in there so they were all sent to Discipline a cottage headed by Dedicates Lark and Rosethorn.

They, Frostline, and Niko are the children’s teachers. The four who can’t be more different form a friendship and slowly learn more about their specific powers and most importantly how to connect them.

Sandry’s magic lays in spinning and weaving. She can weave magic into the threads themselves and create long inticrate patterns that take on a life of their own.

Tris’s powers lay in air and water/ the weather. Her problem is she is very emotional and has an entense temper and is told many times to learn to get control of her emotions. The second book features her and there are many instances where when she starts to get upset the wind picks up lightning strikes ETC. By the end of the book she has learned some about controlling these elements, making lightning strike where she wants it, controlling a huge funnel of wind/ water ETC.

Briar works with plants. He can have things growing startling quickly and has the power with the help of rosethorn to grow dramatically huge walls of thorns/ brambles to keep out a band of pirates at one point. Inding Circle, for Metal. She can touch hot metal without getting hurt. She can imagine wires going out and connecting to people and this happens.

The Dedicates create a kind of family for them. Niko is very protective and tries to impress upon them the importance of clearing their mind and meditating in order to use their powers to the best of their abilities. He is also quick to lecture/ scold the children for getting in trouble using magic unsupervised which they have a nack for doing.

Lark is extremely kind and compassionate a motherly figure. She is also Sandry’s teacher and her strength is in weaving.

Rosethorn as her name suggests, is somewhat cold and prickly in her personality. Underneath this hard shell though lies an extremely protective loyal ally to the children especially Briar.

In the books so far the children have stayed safe in the path of an earthquake, and working with their teachers fought off a whole fleet of irates lead by Tris’sdfishonest and corrupt Uncle.

I’m very impressed and waiting to see what the next books hold. I think I’ll do another Cathy Glass or something before going back to this though.

I’ve just never been into fantasy. I don’t know why. But this is different. In using the crafts as where the magic lays it’s so much more simple than complicated spells with strange wordsETC. The magic they’re doing is explained and narrated very concretely so at no point are you lost and confused by this foreign world. It makes sense in it’s own outside the realms of human ability kinda way.

Speaking of outside the realms of normal human abilities, this brings up a key question for me. I don’t know how I think they had a psychic fair at my college. I stumbled upon a tarot card reader. She herself wasn’t the best I mean whatever she was nice. But she worked at this place called Aquarius sanctuary. So I went over there. I cam across Bety Comerford. I was drawn to her because she communicates with animals. By looking at their pictures she can connect in with them and they can tell her things and she can see things about them. She can also do this for people. It reminds me of how the mages can communicate within their own minds and connect to each other or use their powers to reach things way out in the ocean for example while physically staying in one place. That their “magic bodies” can travel anywhere, by hurt ETC but physically they are in one spot if not harmed just extremely drained. They have to rest for days.

Anyway so I got to know her and her friend Steve. They did readings and saw and heard things in their mind about me/ my life. And it turns out that years later some of the stuff actually came true. And they were right about my pets too. I’m trying to think of an example. Well the only thing that comes to mind is that I have a simi close friend Wendy. She’s kinda like Bety and steve too she can connect with spirets and see and hear things others can’t. Anyway she brought me to this woman’s house I guess she was like a grandmother figure or something. Anyway so the woman was dying of cancer. But she was up and talking and everything. She didn’t end up passing away for months after. But anyway I was talking with her. This was before I moved to friedman Place. And I was telling her about it. And all of a sudden she sort of gasped and said she heard a voice saying “This is Not a save Haven!”

Of course I freaked out. Because my whole emotional life basically was hanging on me getting out of MA and for her to just say this set off all my anxiety, and anger, how dare some crazy lady say something like this! Anyway she went on about it how it might be emotionally unsafe. How I’d meet a boy who’s been through way more than I have as far as trauma in my life and how we’d help each other.

Well fast forward a few years. Friedman turned out not to be safe for me and anyone else with mental illness. I also met Robbie, who fits this woman’s qualifications to the letter.

In a reading with Steve way back before I even was thinking of leaving MA he said there’d be a friend in my life who would become my absolute best friend. And someone we could just completely be ourselves with even if we drove each other crazy with it. Well that’s Jess.

So I guess some of this is true. I wouldn’t stake my life on it, but maybe there’s such a thing as real magic in the form of people who have empathic psychic powers. This friend Wendy is writing a book about these two kids from the foster care system who end up discovering they have psychic powers. They can too, internally communicate with one another. They can also heal trees by touching them and once healed someone’s wound. They go on this whole big adventure. Anyway so yeah. I reconnected with Bety over e-mail. She’s written two books with Steve. One about how to take care of yourself if you’re empathic, and another one on their adventures working with ghosts. Which yes I’ve seen enough of those TV shows ghost hunters and all that, and heard from Wendy who had ghosts in her house that it’s true. So anyway I welcome your thoughts. About Tomora Peerce and real magic whatever.

Below are the links.

Bety and Steve’s website

Video. Can not find website that I just saw a week ago


Quest Awakening wendy Jensen


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