I’d love thoughts on mental health care outside the US

Hey everyone,

My daily passion if you haven’t figured that out already is helping people. I have a BS in counseling psychology. I’ve never used it formally except in the internships I did during school. However I strongly feel that I do use it all the time in my interactions with others, ideas on how different services I’ve connected with and expanded could be made better and other thousands of small ways.

My favorite thing is when someone, a friend on my e-mail list mostly, reaches out for help saying their looking for a therapist or human service agency. I then talk with them about exactly what they’re looking for and come back fairly quickly with a list of recommended options. If appropriate/ requested I can also contact providers with general information about the person without giving any personal details, and then continue to follow up with my friend on progress etc.

I’m thinking of turning this into a service of some kind. To have a website where people can see what experience/ schooling I have and have others say good things about how I’ve helped them to lead others to perhaps contact me. The step by step work I just outlined would be explained on the site as well.

The first thing I want to know though is as much information as possible about how the mental health/ human service system works in any country outside the US. A few of my friends are in Ireland and Scotland. It’s so different over there. I know that there really isn’t insurance in the sense we have it here. That so much referring is done strictly through a person’s individual doctor, who in many cases is very difficult to get in to see compared to here.

Basically I’d like to know what the appropriate steps are for someone to seek and get treatment who can not afford private pay options. And if a friend/ concerned person could help this person get needed information and how one would do that.

Would love as many perspectives on this as possible and challenges you have with it and how a supportive advocate could make things easier.

I will discuss my website idea in another post but lastly just to initiate thoughts, would something like I described be useful to you/ friends of yours? I just feel the system is like this terrible dark maze, and often people are just left alone to find their way out already weighed down by everything they’re dealing with. Someone to help them go through the maze step by step I feel could bring incredible peace of mind to people feeling or getting lost in the system.

Also feel free to e-mail me with comments or thoughts if you don’t want to comment here.


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