7 cups of tea support site

Hey everyone,

Really quick post as I’m getting tired and night meds are kicking in.

In my search for online/ in person hotline volunteer work someone mentioned the site 7 cups of tea


It’s a totally peer run site where anyone can connect with someone trained in active listening they have an online training thing. The listener helps the person sort out their options and have a space to vent. They have group chats and chat rooms for members that aren’t as formal as these listening sessions. The people seem nice enough. The site has a generic fluffy feel. Like there isn’t much substance, at least in terms of people’s profiles. They all pretty much say the same thing the person is glad to help listen to any problem. Which is kinda obvious as that’s why their on the site. Very few seemed personal in nature. I did take note of the ones that did. It makes me wonder if people have to follow a script in terms of responding and interacting with members of the site which would be something I wouldn’t like.

However I love the concept of anyone anywhere being able to log on quickly to get or give their time to listen and be listened to. So often people don’t have this chance in their personal lives. It’s about compassionate listening and human contact that can give someone hope to keep going with what their struggling with which I know in a huge personal way as it’s what I get from my e-mail list I run.

I think I’ll explore this site further. I was happy to participate in a very informal group chat (we talked about our cats) and to see it’s accessible for the blind which makes me happy. So tomorrow will pursue this in more detail. And since it’s so informal and can be done completely up to you I think it’s a great starting point.

Would love to hear from anyone who listens or is a member of 7 cups and what their thoughts are on the service. All feedback is welcome.


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4 thoughts on “7 cups of tea support site

  1. I’m a listener on 7 Cups. To answer your question, no, there isn’t a script for us to use when we respond. We are told what we cannot do, such as offer advice or give personal information, but other than that, we can pretty much respond as we see fit. We are taught helpful ways to respond, but basically, what we respond with depends on the person we are talking with.
    Also, listeners are not provided with training on how to handle people who are suicidal. We are told to refer them out to suicide.org which is okay, but personally I wish we could do more.
    I hope that helps!

    • Hi stay strong. Your comment is so helpful! As I think I said I’m trying to figure out the confirm e-mail thing. The link the sent does not work. Wrote them and tweeted and they said in a few business days so have to be patient. I guess by scripted I just meant that looking at the different profiles so many said pritty much the same thing in the same words without much individuality. I’m glad it’s open for you to be yourself minus giving personal information. What’s your username on there? How long have you been a listener? Is there anything I should be aware as a new listener that could help me do things well?

      • I’m sure it’ll work out. I know what you mean with the profiles. There’s a generic example they give us, and a lot of people don’t change it. Mine personally is similar, I just changed a few words. I have been a listener since the beginning of July. As far as things to be aware of, there are a lot of trolls. There are a lot of people who say they need to talk, but refuse to unless you tell them your sex, age, or name. I personally refuse to do that, plus it’s against 7 Cups’ policy. I will DM you my username on Twitter, since we follow each other on there.

  2. Hey. Oh ok makes sense about the profiles though I would think people would want to change it and make it their own individualized thing. I got your username thanks! Good to know about the trolling. I guess you get that everywhere sadly. I would to find something that was like this but using skype voice/ text chat. Do you know if seven cups plans to ever add that in? It would be really cool I think if done right.

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