crisis textline online volunteer oppurtunity and reaching out for help via text

Hey everyone,

So Edith did a little research and found a volunteer opportunity for me online around crisis line type situations. Since there’s so little in this area.

It’s called crisis textline.

Below is the website and a video on it.

So basically it’s like any other crisis or emotional support services, like a hotline but instead of someone getting really nervous about having to call and hearing someone’s voice or their own voice saying certain things, they can text. It’s something they can do really invisibly because everyone around is texting. No one around will know they’re doing this. And the counselors like it says on the video are trained to compassionately listen to them and provide resources.

I love the idea of how this was started and how it grew into such a well known services. I’m really happy Edith found this.

I’d love to hear experiences from anyone who has been a volunteer on here and gone through the online training. And what they thought of that and the staff that worked with them, if they were helpful ETC. Also if anyone has used this services and wants to anonymously say how it helped them I’d love to hear that. I think something like this is a great idea.

I know that other places are adopting a online chat, or e-mail component to their already established hotline.

I think the next step like I said in one of my last posts is to somehow have something like this using skype. Maybe my friends and I in our efforts to get this established will one day be on the news for starting a well known and important service! Robert Kingett or course will be the person who will interview us. He’ll be really in demand by then and probably ask for like thousands of dollars for his services but since we’re BFFS we’ll get interviewed for free and then just buy him cookies and ice cream after huh Robbie!

Seriously though I’m really excited about hopefully starting with this. The only thing I wonder about is the accessibility of the platform they use for chatting. But I guess we’ll see that in time. And that will be a nice little review where I can talk a bout the accessibility of the service for the blind. I don’t text ever at all. So it’ll be really interesting to work with people that text.

I welcome your thoughts.

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