I’m back from having a cold this week

Hey everyone,

Did you miss me? (I expect to hear a lot of yes/s!)

Well I was out this week with a cold. First one in two years. The two years I’ve been at Albany care with around three hundred people in close quarters who some of which don’t have exactly excellent hygene to put it mildly and without going into too much detail. I think my immune system adapted though because the first month I was here, being between the end of November, moving to a place with above mentioned individuals, still wanting to die ETC I got two colds in a row.

But after that I was cold free. So Sunday had a sore throat. Which is always the preview to a cold. Which really sucked. Almost all other days I don’t have a thing planned. This past week though Jess and I had two things planned.

One was to go tour Belmont crossing and see what their facility has to provide. We’ve scheduled this tour so many times and now will just add to the list I guess. They’re very understanding people and so we’ll just reschedule again.

The other thing was Tuesday night. An inter play meetup workshop. Inter play is a creative arts system that uses movement, voice and storytelling. This would be Tuesday night at a local church as the venue, nothing to do with church at all! Anyway it would have been my first night going out for any kinda social activity at night literally since moving here! I had psyched myself up to be ok with Jess and I taking our meds with us and asked the organizer Jeff everyquestion under the sun which he patiently answered. So I was both excited and anxious. But Monday I felt terrible. Wanted to tough it out and at least do Belmont but right after lunch was completely overwhelmed leaning on Jess’s shoulder and being the big sister she told me I wasn’t going anywhere. And for the past few days has kept me resting hydrated and eating like a big sister should!

So I’m finally feeling well enough to blog. All week I wanted to write. Have finished a couple of books to review but the thought of sitting and typing was too tiring. Plus probably due to the cold and my body kinda dealing with a lot I was dealing with mild brain zaps. Nothing like the week I had of them but just a little particularly when sitting up or stressed so yeah.

I’m sure I haven’t missed much in the blogging world. Like I said will be coming out with those reviews hopefully tomorrow or even one tonight I don’t know. And talking of other things as I always do.


4 thoughts on “I’m back from having a cold this week

  1. Seems like we hit our time off at the same time. I’m honestly glad I didn’t miss too much then. Life kind of hit me like a ton or bricks. But I’m glad you’re back! I’ll be looking forward to seeing what your next posts bring!

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