a short post on preparing for crisis text line training

Hey everyone,

So today I started crisis textline training. The first thing is to read over the modules/ lessons independently. These include text and videos. We have to do four of those modules by our first live session which will be a video chat format for four hours. That’s gonna be such a long time but these people seem really lively so it will probably fly by and will be a good chance to connect with the other counselors in training/ staff.

Anyway I thought the videos and text were well done and enjoyed it. I did one module and will probably do one or maybe two everyday but do it slowly so I can really concentrate.

The first talked about the history of the organization and how it’s such an important medium for helping teens texting, and how it’s given them all kinds of huge amounts of data on issues youth are dealing with even up to what times of day certain issues are highest. They mention a website:

www.crisistrends.org (or .com I’m not sure)

That shows all this for free.

It’s just really inspiring. I guess it was only started a few years back in 2013 and has grown to this huge national organization. People realized the need when incorporating texting into the d something.org campaing which is a site for teens and social change. They’d send out texts about the various things going on at the site. And people really responded to that.

Then they started getting texts reaching out with issues the teens were having. The first one was from a girl who was being raped by her father. That inspired them to create this organization and it just went off from there.

It was really cool to learn what an impact it has and that I’m goning to be a part of such a wonderful community.

A final word on accessibility so far is that I’m finding it very accessible! And Heather Cam one of the staff though I don’t think my official trainer has been the best about always answering my questions with patience and caring!

So that’s it for now. Will update you more on this probably after my first group session.

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