can’t do crisis textline training due to inaccessible platform

Hi everyone,

So am having a hard night. I’ve been really diving into crisis textline training. Though the homework part of it was long this week I’ve enjoyed being productive every single day. Also as the week went by there was a chat feature on the site that allowed people training to talk to each other. That was the best part for me. Everyone there almost everyone had a psychology degree or was working towards one. Some even into art therapy. So I was really happy.

To clarify the issue. The crisis textline site itself is fine accessibility wise with the exception of the application. The chat feature trainings and everything are fine.

They’re using a different site I think global webinar, with some affiliation to go to meeting, for the live training. We could not access this til the actual session time which prevented me from checking it out before the start of the session.

Well you know if you’re blind the moment of frustration when you go on a website or download a program and your screen reader just says “blank” or “unknown” to everything when you try to tab around, access menus ETC? Well imagine that at the start of a live class! And this didn’t even say blank or whatever it said nothing. I could get it started and hear the trainers talking but that was it. I could do absolutely nothing else! Couldn’t even close the thing out. Thank goodness Jess was there. She managed to mouse me over to a box where I could tell the trainer this was not working.

Another girl who’s blind said she could sort of get hers to work but she has a mac and she heard this meeting program sucks with windows.

So yeah. Beyond disappointed and frustrated! This project was really helping me mental health wise and helping me re access that part of me that went to school got my psych degree and diw ell in a professional sense.

I’m hoping I can find something to replace it. Does anyone have any recommendations for any other online emotional support options?

There seem to be so few hotlines in the Chicago area. The only one I found was national runaway safeline.

May look into that. Hoping one day they can make that platform more accessible.

Anyway that’s my disappointment for the night. Did let the other members of the group, on the chat part of the site have my blog and twitter info so yeah.

Thoughts anyone?


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