going to first inter play meetup tonight

So am very excited! Jess and I finally are going to our first inter play meetup. It will be my first evening outing in the two years I’ve lived here. Who knows when Jess ever last went out at night. We’ll be gone from six thirty til about nine thirty. We’re taking our meds along and just going for it. It will be really good to start some kind of hobby again.

In the past I was always running around at night. Mostly to group therapy, support groups like DBSA or ACOA. When in MA I would go to a monthly drum circle, voice movement therapy meetups ETC.

It was so hard finding something basically free to go to. Because while there were some nice sounding therapy groups they were way expensive.

Finally found this meetup.


I was looking for anything expressive arts/ creative/ emotional support stuff.

Jeff Breting, one of the organizers is super nice. He answered all my questions everything from what the group includes to if it is ok we bring our meds along to times the paratransit will be coming and going.

From what I understand it interplay is a creative arts process. Not a therapy, or if thought of as theraputic more along the lines of arts as therapy.

It uses movement storytelling and voice but you don’t need to be skilled in any.

I guess they use simple exercises to get people in touch with these three forms.

It helps with opening up your creativity being in the present and connecting with others.

Below is the main site for inter play.


I’m eager to try something new. I’ve put it off and had things come up so often to be able to get here that I’m not anxious. I am a little actually about the voice part. Just because I haven’t done anything creative with my voice since before my breakdown. Before then I had studied voice since I was fifteen and done voice movement therapy since I was in college.

I’m hoping eventually that it will help me be in touch with my voice again creatively.

I’m hoping for a good time to meet like minded kind people and to learn something new. If anyone’s experienced inter play or has thoughts about the process I’d love to hear them!


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