Possible ear infection and hating the medical system at albany

Hey everyone,

So I think some germs from my cold migrated to my left ear. It’s been blocked up but thankfully not painful yet for the past few days.

Of course talking to these nurses is crazy. They don’t seem to take much seriously. The weekend nurse even objected to me saying that I had an ear infection, or thought I did saying I should let the doctor decide. Which is it’s own craziness.

We as residents don’t know when the doctors come in and nurses don’t either. I think this woman that schedules apointments has some idea but stuff changes all the time because these doctors have full practices along with going to these different facilities.

Because often Dr. BK sha has come on Tuesday I thought he might be here today but sadly wasn’t Often too they’ll do this thing where they cancel on the day of which is beyond frustrating.

How it works is that you have to see your medical doctor once a month. It’s some state policy. And you don’t know when/ if you are on the list til the evening before or even the morning of. So they literally expect you to drop everything and stay home to see this doctor. Then sometimes when you do need to see the Dr. and they write a referral you sometimes don’t get on that list. Again this scheduler woman makes those lists with who knows what kinda prioritys.

But back to my ear. I’ve heard though I don’t know if it’s one hundred percent true that the Dr.s don’t have a scope with them. The thing they stick in your ear to check it out. You would think this would be a part of every doctors kit even the ones for kids but no. So how they do it is kinda ass backwards. This also applies for if you can’t see the doctor when you need something. If like your ear is bothering you they assume it’s infecfted. And prescribe antibiotics. Without examining it or having a chance to recheck it to see if it worked. Like I said ass backwards.

Was really upset about this on Sunday. Never heard of anything so nuts in all my life. Soo wishing I could have kept going to the trilogy medical clinic that was absolutely awesome. However again stupid policy says that an outside doctor has to follow certain rules about when they’re available theoretically on call 24/7 but then again there have been issues with nurses being able to get ahold of these people. Though the clinic has a good on call service I guess it doesn’t meet their standards.

So I’m stuck with this BK sha. If you recall he’s the one who insisted I take a pregnancy test even though I’ve never had sex and made me go through the gyno run around.

So anyway Sunday I told weekend nurse about my ear. She thought it had water in it so did the old have me turn my head to the side and pound on my ear. I said I don’t think it’s working!

After I went to edith in a meltdown,`about the whole medical system stress not really the ear itself, she wasn’t happy I did this. Saying I thought I had an ear infection. Though how I was supposed to let the doctor decide when I couldn’t see the doctor is beyond me.

She took my temperature that was normal. She looked in the visible part of my ear only using the overhead light, which I’m told is about all the doctor would actually do and was like well there’s nothing coming out of your ear so you don’t have an infection!

So anyway I qas just so frustrated about all this and unsure about getting antibiotics in me with basically no diagnosis in the first place. Talked to my mom though who said it’slikely I do have an infection as it’s common for me after a bad cold. And that I have a high tolerance for pain around them. So it’s better if I’m feeling anything now to get the antibiotics.

So I’m on board with that. Was disappointed then that the Dr. didn’t come in today! Night nurse said he wrote a referral but didn’t sound too concerned. I’ll get edith involved. Might even say my ear hurts though it doesn’t just so he’ll call the doctor. I’m hoping getting the antibiotics won’t be too much trouble and that I can get the liquid kind as I can’t swallow those huge pills there’s no way.

At least I’m not in pain. But OMGG what a stressful system. This guy I knew was going to this group about transitioning out of these places. The therapist actually suggested that if you’re getting the run around here and have a serious issue stop by the ER. You’ll b bet better care there than here! Not that I’m anywhere near that situation but they have a point! Will keep you all updated.


2 thoughts on “Possible ear infection and hating the medical system at albany

  1. It’s so frustrating when people whose job is to care for us makes us feel invalidated and dehumanized. I had a doctor yell at me once and I totally left in tears! Here’s hoping you get some compassionate and thoughtful care soon.

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