had a good day today. Doctors appointment and crisis textline training will continue!

Hi everyone,

So I had a pretty good day today.

I finally got to see Dr. BK Sha about my ear. Took literally all morning. These doctors come in and there are so many residents on these lists and they only give themselves a couple hours at each facility that it’s crazy. Today residents were filling the Dr. Office, on a bench in the lobby the laundry room and little theater all spread out everywhere. We went down when the CAN said to and found that crowd. Then came down again at lunch time.

There were only three people ahead of me and we thought they’d go quick but of course they were wicked slow. It was hot in there and people in and out complaining, sitting there talking nonsense to themselves just chaos. At first in the morning when I wasn’t sure I’d get to see him due to the long list I was upset. I was like forget it I’ll call him when my ear falls off! I couldn’t stand it anymore.

So once we were down there as annoying as it was we didn’t want to leave. Got down at eleven thirty didn’t get seen til twelve fifteen!

The good news is he actually had a scope! So he looked in both ears. No redness wax or anything! Of course then he tells me to take clariton. I think he’s the kind of Dr. who wants to leave you with a prescription or test to do the minute you complain about something. I mean if you remember he’s the one that insisted on the pregnancy test!

So I was overjoyed to not have an ear infection. It was worth taking up half the day and Jess said I handled it better than I would have even months back.

Secondly I’m very excited for tomorrow because I get to make up my crisis textline training!

Heather my trainer and I have been communicating all week over the inaccessibility of go to webinar. I called tech support and they said they had no interest or knowledge of screen readers basically. Luckily she has this thing called Uber conference where I can log in and be able to ask questions verbally and as the two of us will be the only ones on that conference no one else will hear. Everyone else will be on the webinar. Kinda weird I know but it will work.

So tomorrow night actually get to do training. Am excited and anxious to do my first role play. Everyone is so great in this community I’m so happy to be able to keep going with the training.

Also tomorrow Jess will be going to Walmart. First Russell couldn’t drive the van because he was out. Then someone had a medical emergency and so the van wasn’t back til almopst four. So they’re going tomorrow.

Additionally tomorrow I have another Jonathan session. I’ll be happy to expand on the stuff covered last week.

If anyone has any ideas about accessible webinar programs, where the trainers can share screens that’s important, please let me know!


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