intake at thresholds mental health center

As part of my treatment plan in addition to pursuing this work I’m doing volunteering it’s also recommended that I pursue groups to just get out during the day and this would be using Medicaid transportation.

The two options I have left are thresholds and trilogy. Thresholds kind of has a bad repution for being this wonderful organization in the 80s and then especially over the years and with all these cuts int’s really gone downhill. What I’ve heard it’s most notable for is it’s moving on program. Edith says this is actually a really solid program. I know they have a deaf services specific program which is awesome. They have a program for young mothers, they have something for young adults but I think I’m past the age limet. I think the top age was like twenty four.

So I don’t really have any idea what their general mental health treatment looks like. Edith managed to get out of them that they do individual and group therapy. At the time we scheduled the appointment I was happy about this because I thought I was in need of a new therapist but now that Jonathan and I are on again I’m so happy this isn’t the case.

So tomorrow Ashely is actually coming to Albany for the intake. Which I think is really cool that I don’t have to schedule any kind of transportation to get there. I found out yesterday that’s a two hour intake which I really wasn’t expecting. I don’t even know what they offer because it’s such a big organization and people over there are really compartmentalized. Edith tried to get someone specifically who could talk to her about the groups but she was bounced around the phone system til she ended up back at intake. So it’s just easier for her to come in and talk. I’m really not thrilled about this particularly at nine in the morning. But yeah. I’m just gonna be very clear that I just want to go over groups. I really don’t need individual therapy or case management.

So we’ll see. I’m also gonna be very careful in my questioning about the place. I’ve heard a lot of negative things about it like the staff is abusive, theclients just go to this building and basically run wild. There are bed bugs there. So yeah really not a good reputation as I said. So yeah.

If this doesn’t work out I can hopefully get back into trilogy which is a very solid organization. This guy has been the CEO for like ever and boy does he know who to fire for development and fundraising and everything else! With all the cuts Trilogy has stood strong and continued to expand their programs which is amazing. I really liked everything about the place. The only thing I’m disappointed and sad about now is that Greer Beckman left. Grew is an LCSW and very passionate about creative arts therapy. She was really into drama therapy she got her certification around the time I left I believe. She does movement work sandtray you name it. She’s just incredibly genuine really free spirited and just awesome!

Apparently according to linked in she went on to a specialized preschool for mentally ill kids. I could see her doing that and that after years of working with adults she’d want a change. Still I know life isn’t the same without her. A lot of the therapists there use behavior therapy, they do have DBT which makes me happy but a lot of it is very standard therapy. Having Greer there really brought a good balance and I’m hoping they got someone really qualified in expressive arts to take her place. Because other staff would do some creative groups but they lacked the skills for it.

Anyway at least at trilogy I’ll know what I’ll be getting which is pretty good care. So we’ll see. Really I’m just looking to get out twice a week, probably on a day I won’t have my four hour CTL shift just to get some group support and community in person with others.

So we’ll see what tomorrow brings.


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