Thresholds mental health center kept to its bad reputation!

Hi guys,

So as I thought in the back of my mind would happen the intake at thresholds was a funny disaster. I really wasn’t counting on them anyway I know going back to trilogy where I had a good experience is a good choice. But it was just so terrible it was funny.

First the too perky intake worker Ashley was a half hour late. I was not happy. On most mornings don’t talk to me or ask me to do anything til I’ve had my morning nap! Yeah I literally wake up have breakfast and meds and then go back to sleep til around eleven. If I didn’t need 9 AM meds or had a big sister rigid about meals I’d just sleep til then. But anway.

So I was a pretty grumpy girl. Finally she shows up. I guess this is her first time coming to Albany which is kind of a surprise. We shepherd her through the terrible crowds. Edith wasn’t in. And I don’t know the other PRCS well enough to have a meeting with them and a new person. Though I guess it wouldn’t have mattered.

We got to my room and the first thing she does after I shut the door is to open it again, saying it’s a HIPPA rule that she can’t meet with a client in a room with the door closed. I thought the rule, if there was one about doors specifically which I never heard of, would be the opposite. How confidential is it to have the door open during a meeting like this?

I have big issues with my room door specifically being open. There are some creepy but I suppose harmless guys roaming the halls I wouldn’t want just wandering as close as possible to an open door. Really I don’t want anyone who’s a stealer, which is proabably a good percentage of anyone roaming the floor keeping in mind you got people from other floors going to whatever floor during the day. So yeah. Our door is constantly closed with our special code lock for a reason. It’s become a good safety measure, beyond the fact that I can’t be trusted with a key as it’s a big self harm tool for me.

So I was firm and anxious about having to have this meeting with the door open. She was the same about keeping it closed. Like every second it was closed was gonna like give her a panic attack.

So she “cracks” it. I’m still not happy at all but I guess she was relieved.

She asked logging into her laptop what I wanted from thresholds. Keep in mind when Edith called to get the very I feel simple information I was looking for, about whether or not they have group therapy. They’re so disorganized over there that no one could answer the question.

Well she said as I worried would happen that they don’t have group therapy. They have a peer success program, totally run by consumers of mental health services. This wasn’t what I was looking for at all. I’ve had little success with peer run programs and really want something more theraputic. It was even more funny that she calimed since she was an intake worker she didn’t know anything about the program because there are so many programs in the organization.

So then I’m pretty much like well I really don’t want anything else out of thresholds. She seemed really sad and still wanted me to sign up for the peer program.

I kept saying no. Eventually she said she’d leave me her card, not even asking if there was a way I could write down the info because duh I’m blind! Jonathan thought this was the funniest part and that I should have pretended to look at the card and asked about her phone number or something crazy. It would have gone way over her head though.

She says she lost her business card, real professional! Then she didn’t have a pad of paper. Finally she found this little piece of paper where she wrote down her number.

I was exhausted and so happy to actually close my door. I really needed my nap by then and was peacefully speeping at around ten thirty when a staff said that she was calling me on the nurse’s station phone! So I answered the phone and she excitedly pointed out that she found out that the peer success group met Tuesday through Saturday instead of once a week and did I want to sign up? She still couldn’t tell me any more information about the program than that and I was totally done with her and the whole thing so said no.

Now I know for sure people aren’t lying when they say thresholds is a mess.


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