second day went well but Missing her


So today was ok. Last night Jess made my night by e-mailing me. They can do that on the computer at the psych unit which is awesome! I was gonna wait for her to reach out once she was settled in so it was awesome to hear from her.

She’s doing well. They’re thinking of doing a med adjustment stopping Zoloft which she’s been on forever, but might not be most affective, and trying another one. I’ve experienced Zoloft as working well for awhile but by the end of the whole welbutrin Zoloft thing with the seizures I was done with both meds.

Anyway if the Dr. does do all that which sounds like a good plan she may be in there for a full two weeks I don’t know. It would be very important to make sure she’s stable with the new med before she comes home.

It was just to hear from her and her saying she missed me and stuff.

Anyway so today for some reason I was energized enough to stay up all day with no naps though regreted it by the end of the day when I got anxious and stressed out into a little meltdown about wishing she was home and just stuff. Thank goodness for PRNS I guess.

I was productive though on the computer. Edith and I woulda gone for a walk but it was pouring out. Went to all my meals staff were great about taking me.

Started a new book I’m gonna review. Really not a lot but it felt like the hours went by pretty fast.

Tomorrow I’m very very much needing to see Jonathan. And to talk about everything under the sun on this issue. How do I best support her? And how hard it all is without her here and just everything. I know he’ll make me feel better but it will be a hard emotional talk.


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