furious at my friend’s caseworker!

Hi guys,

So it’s morning a little before lunch. Again I did not take my usual morning nap. I don’t think I can really relax w without knowing Jess is around I miss her tucking me in seriously!

What I learned last night made me so angry when I woke up it all came back and I knew I had to get busy or else get worse and start thinking about SI or getting aggressive which would not help.

Thankfully Jess is able to e-mail from the hospital. So we were talking last night and she told me that on Saturday she had in fact gone to her caseworker. This guy who’s known her for months by the way and has worked with her at least once a week.

He knows what she has to deal with though due to her difficulty with accessing her own emotions and then having to share them with others he knows probably as much as I know.

But anyway all that to say he knows her and should have handled this situation in a manner that suggested that.

So she went to him on Saturday the day before she was hospitalized and told him what she could about her bad thoughts and feelings. Even turned in something she could have used to self injure with. What more did he need to put in safety measures, like doing a room check, alerting other PRCS being sure she was ok the rest of the day ETC.

But no he did none of that.

So no surprise she did what she did the next day. She probably felt like shit. You don’t know how hard it is for her to go and say even that and to a professional who she trusted to do the right thing.

So she goes on Sunday night and though he should know her she had to like practically spell out all her thoughts and feelings for him to even get a little bit of where she was at. And then the attitude she says he had was like oh not this again. Again this is a guy she should have trusted!

We’re both so glad he’s leaving this week and she’s getting someone new. But I’m stunned at the lack of a quick supportive response. It just makes me so mad. Here I was all upset thinking she’d done nothing and yet she had and was basically ignored.

Why deo some people become caseworkers anyway?


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