would like to start a mental illness chat

Hi everyone,

Along with helping moderate the DID chat I’d like to start a chat for anyone dealing with mental illness. It could be on skype and people could video chat or if some aren’t comfortable they could come on and textchat. It’s like that peer support skype thing I had posted about awhile back.

We could have different topics or if a particular member is struggling with something we could support them. It could be whatever time is good for the most people.

I’m aiming this to towards the many twitter followers that seem to need a lot of support. I’d want to talk to you privately if you’re thinking about joining the skype group to just get to know you and what’s going on. Everyone would have to be very respectful and attentive to others feelings and needs and as it’s a more in person chat any rude or intimidating disrespectful behavior would have to be taken very seriously.

I’m confident though that we’re all adults even with emotional issues and we can form a good peer community with support respect and friendship. I’ve done it on my e-mail list so know it can be done.

Please coment or e-mail.


Hope to hear from some people especially new people I haven’t gotten to know.


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