good suggestions for books for people dealing with self injury?


First I want to say I so appreciate the people already who have reached out around online support for people with eating disorders and I look forward to hopefully getting more comments.

Now I wanted to ask another favor. If anyone can recommend any books specifically for people dealing with self injury. There’s an awesome book the clinical director of my facility found called Self Injury: Simple Answers to Complex Questions by the Alexian Brothers self-injury recovery center. It’s a great book answering every question under the sun from anyone effected: people who do it, parents/ friends/ teachers/ family/ therapists/ doctors ETC. But a lot of it is full of professional language and reads like a textbook. It’s great for the staff here but I’m looking for something that’s more user friendly for people living with the problem.

Any suggestions? One thing I don’t want to use is the SAFE literature. I read Bodily Harm and just don’t agree with a lot of their approach. Anything else is fine.

Please I’d love some suggestions! You’d be helping lots of people with these recommendations!


5 thoughts on “good suggestions for books for people dealing with self injury?

  1. I self-injure, but not cutting. My stress is high now and I am picking scabs off my head and making them bleed and tearing the skin off of my hands. Done it since I was a toddler. Also pull my hair out and bit my arm or hand till it leaves marks. I don’t know if it will help you, but I have used it myself is to put a rubber band on my wrist and when I feel like hurting myself I snap the band. It hurts too, but safely. If it is cutting I don’t know if you can do the same thing. There was a list of ideas on the article I wrote on self-harm. I can do a search for it if you want me to. I don’t know if it will help you or not. Let me know!

    • Hi Tessa. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. I was a scratcher for years. Now where I live I have a harm reduction plan and that’s worked very well. In therapy I’ve learned how to express my feelings and I have a safe place to do that. I haven’t scratched since June I believe. Was more just looking for good recovery books the facility could use for clients in general.

      • I hadn’t thought of scratching. I do that too and it is especially satisfying to watch my dry skin flake and run down my arms and legs. They don’t itch they just are a soother. so there is another one there. I am just expressing a need. Glad I didn’t continue cutting.

    • Yes I’ve read cut. And it’s good. I’ve heard of a bright red Scream. Also Scars by Cheryl rainfield is good. More looking for self help recovery books. Like I said the book we have here at the moment is questions and answers some geared to people dealing with it but mostly for other people like professionals. Just looking for something more for people in recovery. If I find something good I’ll post here.

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