e-mail group to discuss Cathy Glass books

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post to tell people about an e-mail group that a friend of mine set up. It’s purpose is to discuss the books by author Cathy Glass.

For those who don’t know Cathy is a foster carer in England. She has written many non fiction memoirs detailing the experience she and her own children have with fostering various children with issues ranging from self-injury, severe child abuse/ DID, trauma of child labor/ loss of a birth parent, child dealing with alcoholic parents ETC. She and her family pour their hearts into working with every child and Cathy’s compassionate but firm approach around boundaries, and working through emotions most often proves to be very successful. Often the endings are not happy but are realistic.

I forget when I found these books I think it was just when looking up things on amazon. These books are extremely popular for those in education, psychology/ human services, foster care/ wanting to be foster parents, or just anyone interested in reading a story of helping a child heal from extreme trauma in early life and how a person balances care of an abused child with care of their own children.

My friend has set up this e-mail group for anyone interested in discussing the various books. Which could inevitably lead into a discussion of healing from child abuse/ issues presented in the books, the differences in the foster care system in the US and other countries ETC.

To clarify the workings of an e-mail group. You would subscribe by sending a blank no subject e-mail to:


You’ll an e-mail saying confirm your subscripition hit reply to that and you’re in.

You then can go in and adjust settings. You can choose to receive all e-mail, get a daily digest or go no mail and view/ post using the website groups.io exclusively as you would a forum.

I hope many people join this group and I meet new friends.


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