linking to an awesome post on what to expect when calling a hotline

Hi everyone,

So I’m thinking of writing a similar post about what people’s experiences have been in general with either calling hotlines or working on them. But this person beat me to it.

I don’t know anything about this Captain whoever’s blog. Except from post titles they write about various things sort of an advice thing perhaps. This guest poster wrote very articulately about their experiences and I feel would really put someone at ease who is nervous about reaching out.

I also liked that there were 90 comments! (can I just say I’d love to have that many comments on a post?). And all went over different hotlines in the US as well as UK their policies ETC. Discussed both positive and less so experienced in a balanced way that respected everyone involved.

The post was written in 2013 and I can’t find a place to add a comment. It would make sense that perhaps the post was closed for comments after a certain date. I would have added my experiences with the helplines I did work at as well as mention crisis textline. As there were some questions about chat options, but it being March 2013 who knows if CTL was started yet. I know it was started that year but just don’t know when.

Anyway please take a look at this post. I don’t even know if the person is still blogging but it’s cool I think to highlight others work.


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