Looking to volunteer at national runaway safeline

So I have another exciting adventure I’m charging into!

I love crisis textline I really do! And am so happy for my time working with the trainers and getting to know everyone. Have had three shifts and all have gone amazingly well! I plan to stay with them for a long time.

I’ve also for the longest time wanted to look into NRS as first of all it believe it or not is the only really big hotline in Chicago. Which really stumps me as it’s a major city! I plan to advocate for the creation of a befriender’s hotline similar to Samaritans that’s big in the new England area.

I love CTL and being able to help people through the computer. And actually it turns out that NRS has a similar service where youth and families can chat, post to a forum or e-mail volunteers.

The premise of the service is it’s for anyone who is thinking about or has run away. They talk people through their decision without judgment. They give oppurtunities for the teens to talk to their family or others in their life in a less intimidating way through a three way call, or a message system where kids can leave a parent a message saying their safe and parent’s can leave one back as a means of first communication. For those wanting to come home from where they are they have a program where they get the person a bus ticket for free.

As I said though a main piece is the actual hotline, there is now the online component of chat, e-mail and forum where people can reach out there. Wherever they reach out they’re met with compassionate nonjudgmental volunteers who have access to a million resources all over the country and do their best to advocate for each child/ family to get what they need in a crisis situation.

This is what I have gotten from looking over their extensive and well put together website.

I filled out the volunteer application which is totally accessible to the blind/visually impaired. I also connected with the volunteer coordinator by e-mail and introduced myself. The next orientation will be at the beginning of January where I’ll learn more.

I hopw I’ll be seen as a valuable candidate to be a part of the community. And can be able to interact with many like minded people face to face in a way the solely online environment lacks. While at the same time having that online community at CTL. It will be a lot to balance but if I keep the shifts far apart in the week it won’t be so bad.

This is all about expanding my personal goals as well. I want to be able to take paratransit by myself and get to the part of the building I need to on my own. And by taking on another volunteer responsibility it shows I’m ready to charge into similar things I once did and able to tackle multiple projects at once. This really makes me feel good about myself.

I can’t wait til I get to meet the NRS people! But I know Jan will be here before I know it.

For more information about NRS here are the site links


Feel free to browse the site. It should gto over everything clearly on services, how to volunteer/ apply ETC. Though the organization does so much they don’t have that many actual staff and have most work through volunteers. However they have been around I believe since the sixties so they really know how to continue to grow and network as an organization which is reassuring for those wanting to get involved.

If anyone sees this post and is a current or former volunteer I’d love to hear from you about in general how you found things. The training, and all aspects of the job.

Thanks. Will keep people posted on this.

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