thoughts on psychology today adding review feature for therapist directory

I love psychology today. Though you have to pay for their magazine and to post your practice add, I think they offer a lot in blogs and articles that are seen nowhere else and they are quite awell known online presence.

Many would agree that their best feature is their online therapist directory where therapists can post in depth descriptions of their work, their picture, moadlitys they work with insurance sliding scale ETC.

I feel one thing that’s missing is a section where consumers can leave reviews/or comments on each profile. Now many say sites like yelp or other sites that review therapists/ practitioners are not to be trusted. I see the point of the theory that the main people that post reviews are people unhappy with the service. However I’ve seen just as many if not more cases of people posting positive reviews of therapists, doctors, hospitals ETC. And often sorry to say practitioners! But I’ve seen cases where the majority of reviews lean in a certain direction, and when I or others use the service they come out with the same impression. For example, Dr. Law is the dentist my parents and I have used for awhile right down the street. The reviews on yelp said he was wonderful had great receptionist and assistant staff, was thorough ETC. Well that was the experience our family had!

There was another dentist I went to who people said was not good at all and other things and it was true! So there’s a lot of personal opinion involved obviously but when there are many similar impressions it makes you wonder. I think it’s also great feedback for the practitioners to get.

I feel that if psychology today monitored these reviews, no bad language hate mail ETC it could be a genuine place for feedback p positive negative or neutral which would help people make informed decisions about their care, and hear from other client’s point of view how the therapist is perceived.

Are others interested? I wonder how to go about this. Do a petition? I think just one person writing won’t make them see the importance but if a lot of us come up with a way to show we would appreciate it I think they’d listen. They’re a very receptive organization.

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