thoughts on online communities and creating a google groups support group

Hi guys,

So I’m not sure if I ever told you all the results of my awesome survey I did on online communities!

So I’m not a math person like at all. So you won’t be getting one of those charts or graphs or anything and I don’t have every survey in front of me but I have a general sense of the outcome.

A few people mentioned a video game site where they played video games that I guess are mental health related and there was also a support component. I’d love to hear more about this as I never have!

Some mentioned read it which I’ve never really looked into but will.

Many people do not like youtube videos anymore due to not wanting their face out there, just it being too personal or people not giving any feedback. I know there used to be a thriving youtube community for mental illness related things particularly DID. That’s kind of died down and I don’t know why.

Many say blogs are awesome which I agree especially mine is the best LOL! And that there’s a lot of discussion on those but I haven’t seen that. Then again I always forget to read the blogs I subscribe to which I’m starting to really do in order to connect with others.

Many people don’t like FB groups or forums like psych central due to high drama which wasn’t a surprising result to me.

A good amount of people don’t even know what an e-mail list is. Which is maybe why it’s not popular. When I try to tell people it’s just like yahoo groups I still get silence so am wondering about this.

I don’t know the exact year yahoo groups stopped being popular or went down the drain. I started my blind mental health group in 2012 and I believe by 2013 we had to switch due to literally nothing being accessible to the blind. It was a good thing came out at that time. It’s a very user friendly platform. It seems though that blind people seem to use it more than sighted people. Again I don’t know why this is.

So that’s the breakdown. Thoughts? Things that I forgot to mention or that didn’t come up. I know online support is so huge for so many. And I’m still curious about the best forms of online support for people. I love e-mail groups because they just have a more personal feel to them. But I know some just don’t want to have their e-mail address out there. A solution would be to have a different address just for such groups. I don’t know of other thoughts.

Does anyone have thoughts on google groups? If it would ease people’s mind I would be happy to set up a mental health recovery group on there. I am not under any circumstances unless the platform shuts down moving my existing groups. But for this as I said whatever people would be most comfortable with I’d be willing to do except maybe an FB group because they’re a nightmare to admin.

I have met so many awesome people on twitter and actually would love to connect with everyone on there more by having such a group. The character limits drive me crazy even for direct messaging so you can’t really talk at all as deeply as I would like.

Thoughts? Please let me know!

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5 thoughts on “thoughts on online communities and creating a google groups support group

  1. I’d assume Reddit would be really popular because it is accessible, and, people can post without using their real names or faces. Reddit has been on the rise ever since 2013 so that may be the best way to go! Also, FYI, Twitter no longer has a character limit when you DM someone. My reddit is tied into my twitter so people always know where I leave a comment! LOL.

    • Hey. Oh that’s awesome about the direct mesaging not having a character limet. Now if the whole thing had no character limit I’d be very happy. Do you think they might change that if people bugged them enough? Actually I have no idea about read it have never beren on the site so maybe I should check it out and see if there are mental health communities there.

  2. I’m curious what people said about message boards that are more private, not like FB or healthyplace. I’m on for example one for ra survivors, one for people with DID, and one for general sexual abuse, and the last two at least are pretty busy.

    • Hey. in the survey I asked for specific names of forumms and what came up was psych central and yuku. Is that the one you use? For the DID one can supporters join? Some groups I know are private and that’s cool. Have a lot of friends with DID. I’m glad you like those areas that are more private.

  3. I used to use yuku, but the latest version wasn’t accessible on my phone. Perhaps they’ve fixed that now though. I like email groups. I also like audioboom and youtube. Your right though I don’t get too much response on youtube. But people do watch my videos! I didn’t realise they’d changed the character limit on twitter for dm’s. Very cool! XX

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