still really anxious about my NRS interview tuesday

Hi everyone,

As Tuesday gets closer when I’ll have my orientation and interview at NRS I get more and more nervous. I wish it would happen already. I just really hope the people think I’m qualified and especially will be open to working with my disability. I know what accomidations I would need and I know I’ve made it work at other hotlines but what seems workable to me might not work for others for whatever reason. I just keep thinking of all the cat shelters that wouldn’t even let me come pet the cats because it’s a liability because I’m blind. Somehow.

If anyone out there has volunteered in general and can attest to the general atmosphere of the place I’d feel better going in knowing what I’m dealing with. The coordinator for volunteers seemed nice but o obviously didn’t want to talk about disability related stuff as we haven’t even met yet.

If anyone by some chance does have a disability, you don’t have to be blind, and has done well there I’d also like to know.

I’m also very curious about if they’ve worked with youth with disabilities who were thinking about running away from home or were on the streets.

I’ll probably post endlessly about this til I come home Tuesday night with the results.

It doesn’t help that I’m still wicked tired. Some idiot decided to smoke in one of the stairwells and set the fire alarm off at four in the morning. I took two naps but still feel exhausted.

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