soo proud of my big sis

So I just have to tell all my followers. In the midst of the terribleness of the past few days the best thing for me has been what my sister has done.

She’s totally into high gear following her goal of going back to school to study psychology! She treched it out all the way to Truman college. In the cold weather with the overwhelming l ride, climbing stairs and everything. Put her sensitive body through war to get there! Then she signed up for courses talked with all these new staff people and everything that would cause me so much anxiety but she was a super star.

She’s taking online courses yay! (she still gets to stay home with me aww). She’s taking four. I believe psychology, art history, physical science and something else. I warned her about the work load but she says she remembers school and wqill be ok and will know if things need adjusting. Upone my suggestion or rather harassing she’s gonna work with the office of disabilities to get any accomidations she can for her mental illness.

Classes start for her the 19th! She’s got her awesome new student ID and everything. And Financial aid pays for everything which is a miracle. I guess if I wanted to go back to school I could as everything would be paid for but no way about school for me!

Anyway will give you all updates along the way about Jess’s school adventures. This is absolutely what she needs for her mental health and the fact that she realized it and jumped on it and has succeded in just a couple of months shows a lot of good things about her!

I did cry when she left for that tredch.

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