general weekend update

Hi everyone,

So to just write a quick update.

Friday night I still wasn’t feeling the best with a headache and feeling weak but that was because Jess and I decided not to go to dinner and had snacks. Plus I think I was still getting over everything.

But yesterday and today have been normal. Yesterday I wrote Becca from NRS thinking she wouldn’t get back to me til Monday about training dates. I got them and are all marked on my calendar. It will be very intense a little over two weeks. One Sunday from nine to five two Tuesdays and Thursdays in a row from six thirty to ten and then another Sunday from nine to five. And not to be TMI but the first training date falls around when my period will probably be and it’s like ugh! Lately the periods itself haven’t been bad it’s the intro stuff. Women can relate. Men you don’t want to know. LOL.

Anyway so I’m very excited about that. Though am aware of the training dates for this month and wishing I had started now. But I think it was just a huge amount of stuff last week physically mostly that totally threw me off emotionally. We know what to do for next time like not have me stay up all day before an event and make sure I take Ativan when I’m even a bit anxious.

So that was Saturday. Haven’t gotten a hold of my family in a week or so except my Dad. My poor sister got her wisdom teeth out this past Tuesday. I guess she’s having soreness issues. I had a ton of anxiety like six months of it but had the actual procedure and had zero pain.

So there’s that. My dad sounded tense on the phone when I talked his ear off. He talked about selling our house in the spring which they’ve been talking about for months. But it sounded like things really aren’t going well and probably a lot of fights. So yeah looks like the stress level is going up again. Jonathan was all happy thinking that now my mom was at a fairly neutral point in her stress because she had her surgery was content with Dad ETC. Now with this going on who knows? The good news is that Jess and I have a few general timeframes set out for possibilities for a visit that coincide with Jess’s school breaks.

Today was productive. I hung out. Helped my friend in a very important emotional situation which I was happy about. Helped another friend research an ED treatment center and downloaed some audio books.

Am looking forward to a hopefully good not sick at all week. Tomorrow I decided instead of Jess having to take public transportation in the freezing cold she could take paratransit with me to Truman. I’ll get to hang out with her while she does her stuff and can see the building. I’m sure it’ll remind me of Middlesex community college.

In other news I’ve read two books since my last review and so will probably do both those reviews tomorrow.

Other than that that’s about it.

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