productive day

Today was extremely productive . I had planned to help Jess by paying for transportation to Truman. So we were out the door by nine and got to Truman fairly quickly with only one stop. We went to financial aid and I read while Jess talked to people. It was soo amazingly nice to sit in a building that doesn’t smell like cigarette smoke or people with poor hygene and where there isn’t loud fighting/ weirdness all around.

Unfortunately Jess had some forms she needed to bring in before they could process things further so we need to go back tomorrow. So we’ll be heading back that way hopefully get her processed her books and anything else she needs to do done in person!

It was a walk in the freezing cold too to get to where the van picks us up but at least we got exercise. And I stayed up all day with no nap!

In other news. Am having a lot of stress about money. My mom is so back and forth about giving me money or not giving it. She usually gives around $50 a month without much complaint. I use it for Walmart mostly. However snacks have become an issue as often the meals are so terrible to me. I’m a very picky eater and even within that there are some foods I’ve eaten here and gotten stomach issues from that I probably wouldn’t get anywhere else. So yeah. But add to the snack thing going to the NRS volunteering which would cost $6 each week. I was thinking about it and getting anxious thinking maybe I just wouldn’t do it due to the money and needing to keep asking my mom. Because as I said sometimes she’s fine. Jonathan who I saw quickly commented that it’s pretty funny how she can buy a laptop no problem but have issue with giving me $50 and say money is such a problem. But I really really want to go to NRS. So I’m trying to keep positive that this will work out. My big sis has offered to give $6 out of her own tinney amount to the rides which I’m soo grateful for.

Really not else to say. I probably will do those book reviews tonight.

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