Helping big sis with school part two

Hey everyone,

So today was another college adventure. Unfortunately it didn’t go so well. We had to go back again today as yesterday she had needed to get a social security letter and some other form that needed to be brought back in person. We were excited that at least the paperwork would be over and she could get her books and things and be getting ready for class.

Unfortunately nothing is ever straightforward or simple with this stuff. She literally had to stand in an hour line. I don’t know how she did it! I can’t stand in a two minute line without getting anxious not being able to handle the people that close to me/ noise/ or worrying that I’ll get weak feeling as there have been times when if I haven’t eaten enough or am standing someplace too long my blood sugar drops so it makes me anxious about standing places with no chair around. So yeah. My braillenote hadn’t charged though I swear I did it the cord is so picky about actually charging and also I think the thing needs a new battery so yeah. But I listened to my ipod. To another book that I’m excited to review as well as a chicken soup book on cats.

So finally she got to this other area and gave the papers to the woman. Only to find out that there was a miscommunication about the fact that she can’t pay anything to the school due to being on SSI/ Medicaid. How they allowed her to register for classes and everything before informing her that as she’s out of district she isn’t fully covered for stuff and getting this other aid is like not possible or something. So now that they finally get it about this, they’re gonna look into something with Medicaid where she could qualify for some other aid. If she can’t then she can’t go to Truman and basically is back at square one.

I feel soo bad for her. She really really wants this. She started school in her twenties but then was in a severe depression for ten years. Then serious physical illness and serious mental illness. In the past months finally with a motivating caseworker she’s looking at her life and goals and just wants to say she’s accomplished this one thing. And it will increase her chances of getting volunteer work if not a part time job. It’s so risky with social security and trying to work and then losing benefits and stuff. But anyway I know she’ll do it we just need to find a way.

So yeah it was very cold out and snowing and I was not liking having to get up in the morning and book it someplace but it was worth it to help my sister. She does so much for me and is my lifeline and I’d do almost anything for her.

If anyone has any info on online schools and whether they can be completely covered by financial aid it would be so appreciated.


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